Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


I’ve just switched my Paperpile account to a new Google account and filled out the beta form again (I did it first ages ago). I’d really appreciate an invite to the iOS beta!


Cheers, Carlos, would love to join your iOS beta testing: am hoping i’m not too late to participate! My email is I submitted the form as well.


I’ve just started working on my thesis and would love to see how the iPad app helps. Cheers~


I’d love to participate in the iOS beta. I did sign up through the form a long time ago as well. Thanks!


I’d love access to the iOS beta, filled out the form a while ago now but still haven’t heard anything. Thanks!


I signed up for the beta a while ago and have not heard anything. Is there anyway I could get added? I’d love to be able to use Paperpile on Android.


Same here – I would love to participate. I signed up a while back and never heard anything. I’d be testing on iPhone and iPad. Thanks


I’ve had a great experience using Paperpile for iOS. The apple pen works perfectly and annotations synchronise fast and sound.
So far the only problem that I had is when I press “on your device” the app crushes. It happens on iPad and iPhone. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?


Yes, I have the same issue on two Android devices.


I just discovered PaperPile and have been really impressed with it so far! I’d be thrilled to test the Android beta on my tablet, and would really appreciate an invite! Thanks!


Yet another plea for beta access. I’ve got both Android and IOS phones and Tablets and would love a unified experience across them. (Though if your Android app is up to snuff my ipad usage will probably go way down). Same account as my Forum account.


Hi, I’m preparing to migrate from Mendeley to Paperpile. I’d love to try out the iPad app before I make the switch. May I get an invite, please? Thanks!


Hi Paperpile Team,

I sent my request half a year ago and didn’t receive any invitation. I would really like to participate in this beta testing, please give me an invitation. Thank you! :slight_smile:



I’ve just moved all my stuff to Paperpile recently after spending a few evenings re-organizing and tagging my library and applied for the Beta. It would be great if I could get access to the Android Beta App, because I essentially want to be able to read papers in an organized way when travelling or casually at home and for that I prefer my lightweight Android tablet.

I have been using Mendeley and Readcube before. I tried Mendeley again, and they still don’t support 4K scaling. Zotero also wasn’t really what I wanted.
Readcube offered a nice reading experience on their app, sadly everything else is a total mess. From what I’ve read on the forums here about the Paperpile Android app it seems to be almost as good already as the awesome webapp.

PS: I’ve read that the iOS app supports the Apple pen. Does the Android app have support for the Samsung S-Pen (Tab S3, Note9, etc…) ?



Got beta access now. Love it, already has all the features I need and it’s a native Android app, not some multi-platform-framework abomination. Only native support for the S-Pen would make it perfect, but I guess that’s kinda pointless extra work in regard to Android’s fragmentation and it being a proprietary feature.



Hello Paperpile Team,

I am very excited about paperpile and would like to participate in beta testing of the iOS app as well. I would love to get a view on it before i consider a subscription.

Best regards,



Hi Stefan,

I am a long time Paperpile user (3+ years). I filled the form for beta tester a year ago and again now. I would really like to become a tester and get access to paperpile beta on android. I make extensive use of reference management tools and am mostly an android user on the go. Could participate actively in the project. Please let me know.


What could be the reason for references not showing the PDF for download, respectively not even showing that there is a PDF attachment available?

I’ve added a few PDFs, added the meta information manually (as I did with others before), but the Android app doesn’t show there’s an attachment.
I added an IEEE conference paper after that which shows up normally again.

EDIT: I deleted the PDFs which I added in bulk and uploaded them one by one and now the download button appeared again.

EDIT2: I just found out that a special character is causing this:

IEC 62443-3-3 - Industrial communication networks – Network and system security – Part 3-3: System security requirements and security levels

This works:
IEC 62443-3-3 - Industrial communication networks - Network and system security - Part 3-3: System security requirements and security levels

The long hyphen characters (en/em dash) kinda break something in the Android app.


Hi, I was asking to get invited in february already and never got an invitation. I would be very happy to get an invite and to be able to use the app and give you feedback in return.

Thank you very much if you make it possible.



Hi, I am waiting now for a year on this beta, could you please add me?


Hi Paperpile team,

Thank you for the invite!
My mobile app experience has been great so far.

  • the current UI/theme is minimal and fast : I hope the full release will prioritize this speed/snappiness over other designs/themes
  • folder view: will there be an option to sort papers by filters that are on the desktop version (i.e., by date added; publication date; title; etc.) ?
  • Swiping action: will there be other action(s) added to the left swipe and/or customization of actions for swipe?
  • Notes: other users mentioned note-taking abilities in the mobile ==> I’d like to add +1 to that

Thank you for all of your work on this!