Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


Hello! I’d like to join the beta for iOS. I’ve filled out the form but have not heard back yet.

Any way I can join the beta? A few members of my lab have access and I’d love to join.



@carlos is there any chance you could send me an invite for iOS? I’ve filled the form out but can provide any other information necessary :)! I’m eager to try the beta if possible.


Hello! Could you invite me to the android beta? I have filled the form several weeks ago and am really looking forward to the android app on a tablet :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding me!
So far it’s a great app! A feature I was missing is to delete a paper from my list of papers (Not only the PDF, the full paper). If I missed the function maybe you can make it more obvious. Martin


On larger displays (e.g. iPad), it might be useful to have separate buttons for highlighting and underlining, since switching between the two is tricky. In fact, it could be nice if users could create buttons that store various settings for both annotation and free-form drawing (e.g. color, underline/highlight/crossout, linewidth for freeform drawing, etc.). PDF Expert has something like this implemented, and so does OneNote (for free-form drawing). Thank you for developing such a wonderful pdf manager/annotator!


bought an ipad pro and want to try the Paperfile ios beta. Could you please send an invite.
Thank you


Hi, I am waiting now over years on iOS beta (I previously used Android and now go back to iOS), could you please add me?


Hi. Could you please send me an invite for the iOS beta, when you can.


Invite for Android please?


I did sign up twice for iOS beta; please invite, I need it.


Please may I have an invitation for the Android beta too?
Been patiently waiting for over a year, but there’s a particular need at the moment - it could get a lot of testing right now!


Hi Carlos,
Can you please send me an invite for the IOS version please, that would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Carlos for sending me an invite for the iOS app so promptly. So far so good the interface looks good. Heads up to anyone waiting, send your request through the in-app messenger as mentioned by stefan at the beginning of this thread.


Could I get an invite for the iOS beta as well? I signed up for it forever ago, but never got the invite. Thanks!


Hi Paperpile team,

Could I get the iOS invite?
I got my iPad in the last month, so I really want to use it to read papers through Paperpile.



Hi Paperpile,

Love the web app! When possible, could I please get the iOS invite? Paperpile is a fundamental tool in my workflow.



Would love to have an invite to the android beta. Thankyou very much!!


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I have just started using the private beta for my iPad and I must say I am impressed! A very important part of my workflow is now complete. It does almost everything I would ask for. Here are some quick observations:

  • The sync is working seamlessly including all the annotations, label colours etc.
  • The interface is just like the web interface, which is great.
  • You can filter to see only the PDFs you have downloaded on to your device.
  • I have not uploaded all my library but the search seems to work efficiently.
  • I think you can’t edit the entry at the moment, but, to be honest, that is no problem for my workflow.
  • The PDF reader is quote good, pages flow smoothly and there is the basic annotation capabilities. I only use highlights and text comments anyway.

The only important I could wish for would be to be able to export the annotations. I am hoping that this will be available for the iOS version when it becomes available for the Web version.

And a very small point: it would be great if we could see the number of articles for each label like we do on the Web version.

Once again, thank you for this great product and keep up the good work!


Hello Paperpile,

I’ve been a long time happy Paperpile user and was excited about the release of the iOS app. I was signing up for the beta quite a while ago but haven’t received the invitation yet. I’m mostly reading on my iPad and the workaround to try to access the papers has rather been inefficient, so I’d really appreciate the invitation for the app. Promise to give a detailed feedback!

Thanks in advance, and greetings from Vienna :wink:


Hi there, I’ve been using Paperpile for years now and would very much like to participate in the Android beta test. I’d be very grateful for the option of adding to my library from my phone – many thanks in advance if this is possible!