Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱



Paperpile is awesome and I have already used it for several scientific manuscripts. Would very much appreciate beta testing for iOS. Already applied a while ago :wink:

Keep up the amazing work!


Been using paperpile very happily for a little more than two years and just got an iPad Pro, would be awesome to get to contribute to the development of the iOS app!



Been enjoying the beta for a while now.
Since the recent update, I’ve been losing free-form annotations on my iPad quite often right after I finish annotating. But it’s not all annotations, only a subset… could you look into this?

Thank you!


Hi Stefan et al.,
Thank you so much for your hard work in putting together this awesome reference manager. I am eager to try the iOS paperpile app and am hoping that you could send me an invite for the IOS version please, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



Dear Paperpile

I have been using the iOS version for a while and I am also impressed with the app just like other beta-testers. Here I want to give some positive observations as well as some points that need improvements at this point.

Positive observations-

  • The app is nicely designed.
  • Annotation experience is great. Highlights, comments, and even free-handwriting are performing really well and really smoothly. The annotation tool bar can be relocated between right and left side, this is great. There is a tap that can be clicked and shows list of all the annotations.
  • Article organization tool works well. I can reorganize the articles and put them in different folders. However, I notice that it took some times to process.

Points for improvements

  • The major point for improvement is regarding the importing of article when it is opened from Safari on iOS. So far, the icon of Paperpile only appears in the ‘share’ button of Safari when I access webpage of that article, which allows me to import the article metadata. However, when I go to Paperpile app and click download Pdf to read on iOS, I can’t. When I go directly to the PDF file of the article, no Paperpile icon appear when I click the Safari share icon.

At this point, I import the PDF file onto other app first, in my case Paper3. Then I click “Open in” to send it to Paperpile. So at this step, I have to article PDF file in the Paperpile. However, it appears in Paperpile as a separate file, with the title of Paper3 codename. I don’t know how to merge the PDF and the metadata. Right now I have the metadata in one entry, and the PDF in the other entry.

I wish the when I open PDF file of articles on Safari for iOS, I can directly share the PDF to Paperpile. I really hope that Paperpile will be able to complete the metadata of the PDF file automatically.

  • I wish we can export all of the annotations.

Ok. So those were all the comments I have so far. Again, I’m writing these comments not to complain but to contribute to the app development as a beta tester. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for developing the app and let us join you to develop it.



Would appreciate getting the invite for iOS. Signed up via then link about two weeks ago.


Dear Paperpile,

Let me post another point for the improvement of Paperpile iOS.

Since I am not from an english speaking country, I depend on the “look up” function of iOS to get the meaning of word i don’t understand instantly without switching to a dictionary. Normally the “Look up” option appears along with other options (e.g. copy, paste, select, select all, highlight, underline, etc…) when I select a word.

However, i just notice that when i select a word in Paperpile, there is no “Look up” in the option provided. So it would be very helpful for non-english users like me if you include the look up function in your app.

Best regards,


Really enjoying share to paperpile option. I commonly encounter suggested papers while browsing twitter on my phone and it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to click on the link, share to paperpile, and voila, it’s in my library.

One possible suggestion for a minor quality of life improvement: I frequently tag these with a to-read tag so I can find them again. Would be great to have the ability to assign a default tag to assign shared papers in the mobile app.

Keep up the good work


Cite while you write is my dream on the iPad Pro! There just isn’t that much discussion about it on the web. I can’t believe more people don’t want to need this. Please someone solve this! Well, Apple could do it in a heartbeat if we could get full Chrome running on an iPad Pro…


I’ve requested a beta testing spot without success, and would love to be added. As an academic physician teaching residents and medical students in the OR, access to my library and to share reprints via iOS would be clutch for me. Hope y’all will add me to the list. Thanks!


Hi @carlos,

I’m a PhD candidate who has been using the Paperpile app for awhile and would like to test the mobile app on my Android and iOS devices. I requested to be added to the private beta multiple times (most recently was last week), but never got an invite. I constantly check my email and spam folder, and I couldn’t find an invite.

Please let me play with the mobile app and give you UX and functionality feedback! Thanks for the careful work you and your team do.

  • Benji


Hi there,

Love the new features on Paperpile for Android, especially with the mobile pdf viewer.

A few things would make the viewer even more awesome:

  1. Automatically save settings for annotations (e.g., text size, color, line thickness)
  2. Include a “search on web” option for highlighted text.
  3. Another thing that might be improved is how it recognizes where the text is. For instance, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with the pen, and I have to select exactly where the text is in order to highlight it. If I am in between lines of text ever so slightly, it assumes that I selected a blank spot on the paper and the only option is to “Paste”.
  4. In line with that, it would be awesome if, when you do select a blank spot on the paper, you could include other annotation options such as “Pen” or “Text”.

Thanks a lot!


will the current paperpile app support ipad OS 13??


Hi Stefan,

Have applied for the beta a few times, would really love to use Paperpile on my iPad since its such an invaluable tool on my laptop. Will apply again now, please if you can add me to beta phase Id really appreciate it. Thank you!



Hello, Are Android invitations still going out? I’ve signed up for the private beta a couple of times over the last year or so, but never received an invite. Would love to help out with testing!


Similarly hoping to get an IOS beta invite, as I want to transition away from endnote and use my ipad quite frequently, but have to access everything through google drive.



Hello. I hope to use paperpile on IOS. I look forward to receiving the invitation.


Hi :),
Can I please receive an invite for the android beta?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, folks behind Paperpile! I’ve been using Paperpile for the last two years of my PhD and would love to be able to try out the iOS beta app as well. Being able to access papers while commuting would be a dream come true!

Thank you!


Just installed the beta. Some initial feedback:

  • The “About this Beta/Feedback” button should allow the user to provide feedback. It just shows a static information page now, as far as I can tell.
  • It would be nice to have a setting to automatically download all papers, including new ones, not just papers in a specific folder.
  • There should be an alternative setting to download only starred papers (including newly starred ones).

Thanks for providing this Beta!