Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱

The app crashes if I try to make a folder with about 2000 papers available offline.

Annotation comments made from within the Android Paperpile app do not display correctly outside of the app. I highlighted some text in a PDF in the Android app. After saving/syncing the PDF, I can see the highlight in other PDF readers. However, the annotation note is gone. The Google PDF reader just shows the text “From imported document”.

PS: Even the Paperpile PDF reader in the desktop Chrome app doesn’t display the comments made in the Android App.


I upgraded phones from iPhone 6s to iPhone XR. Paperpile iOS demo is not working on iphone XR. When I open the Paperpile app, am prompted to sign in with google credentials. Upon trying to sign in, the app crashes every time.

iOS: 12.3.1
Paperpile: Version 0.1 (35) demo


Just solved. Other posts about this. Solution is to unstall Test Flight, Paperpile, and reinstall both. Works again. Sorry for not checking forum thoroughly before posting.

Hello Paperpile team! I’d like to participate in the beta testing of the iOS version of the app if you’re still accepting users. Thank you!

Curious about plans for the beta. I’ve been using it on iOS for some time without any issues. Are there plans to release it as a 1.0 with the current feature set, or do you plan to add more features and do another round of testing before release?

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I also signed up more than a year ago for testing on iOS. How do I get to use the beta. Please send me a direct message with instructions if any.

Thank you,

Hi Kerim,

Yes there are still more features to come in the following updates, some of which will be present in the next app update alongside a UI rework. We’re also getting really close to an open beta, so you can expect updates on that soon.

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PaperPile has been a lifesaver for me in a part-time PhD program. I’ve been using the link-generator to map my entire archive and bibliography in TheBrain (concept map). Gives me an efficiency and clarity that allows me to be massively productive with very hard time constraints. Very keen to beta test the mobile iOS version to give me greater flexibility in my reading and annotating.

I would very much like an invite to the beta. I’ve requested it twice but have not heard. Thanks!

I would love the opportunity to be invited to the beta. I utilize paperpile on a regular basis for education with patients as I am a healthcare provider. Having faster access via a mobile device would be a huge game changer!

Hi! Apologies if you haven’t heard back from us on the invite. Please contact us via chat/email and I’ll take care of your request myself.

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Hi Andrew. Same as I wrote above - please contact us via chat/email with the request and we’ll reply with an invite :slight_smile:


I would love the opportunity to be a part of the beta as I mentioned. Please send the invite

I am getting the error “error syncing your library” on the app on phone and two tablets. It has been a very active few days so there have been tons of changes to labels and folders, deletions, etc during since my last time syncing. Thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling. ideas? I did not see much matching that term in this topic.

Over all, I like the direction of the app. One ideas that I would love to see is support for epub or other book formats.


Please send me an invite for the Android beta - have been using the desktop version for 2 years and would like to try out mobile. Thanks!

When I get this error, signing out and signing back in typically resolves the issue.

Thanks. I did not see an option to log out of the andriod app. I did log out of paperpile on my work station and then logged in again, but still have the same error.

Hello Paperpile team! I’d like to participate in the beta testing of the iOS version of the app if you’re still accepting users. Could you please send me an invitation? Thank you!

Hello paperpile team. Can I get an invitation for the android beta?