Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱

I have used the Android beta on the Samsung S8 and on the Yoga book, as well as on the Samsung Chromebook plus. Installation and the initial sync were without problems. However, after annotating pdfs I lost the annotations once or twice completely. It is great that one can manipulate folders, but I was surprised that folder deletion happens without further confirmation, which could potentially cause serious headaches.

The Android beta worked stable on Samsung S8, but I had several crashes on the Chromebook plus. Using the pen as input device during pdf annotation is not the smooth experience that I had hoped for (no palm rejection for example). The lines look smooth in the paperpile pdf viewer, but edgy when looked at with other pdf viewers.

Anyway, it is awesome to finally have this app, and be able to read through my papers anytime anywhere. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the invitation. Testing now.

I signed up to beta test the tablet app in the prior round, also just signed up today but still haven’t heard anything. I would love to be a beta tester for this since I am using Paperpile non-stop for my academic reading and writing in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology. I would love to take part and could contribute serious constructive feedback. Thanks!

Hi, I filled out the form previously but haven’t received an invite. I am heading to europe for a conference / to travel and am only planning on bringing my ipad, so I would really love to get this beta!! I’ll be working on a paper while traveling, it would be great to use paperpile for it. Any chance I can get an invite? Thanks, Milo

Hello, I am also interested in an invite please! I believe I had previously filled out the form. Thank you! Josh

+1, this IOS app sounds like just what I have been waiting for! I completed the form, but no invitation yet. Are you automatically sending invitations to people who fill out the form, or do we need to make a specific request on this forum? Thanks!

The promise of a mobile app has been the main reason I bought into this ecosystem. I use it much less than I could because I can’t easily find the PDFs in my Google drive unless I remember to log into the app after auto downloading from chrome.

I also signed up for the beta app twice–the first time seems like 18 months ago–and have yet to receive a response.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the feedback you’ve given so far, it has really been useful when finding issues with the apps. We’ll also take the feature requests you’ve suggested into consideration for future releases.

In regards to the beta invitation, adding people to each of the platforms is a manual process, although for the newer versions of the apps we’re adding people every day, this process takes time due to the large amount of users that sign-up for it. That being said, everyone who commented here should have received an invite by now, in case we missed anyone leave a comment below so we can have a look.

Also a quick update on the progress of the apps, we’re now working on different ways of adding papers to the library on mobile including sharing from other apps, so you can expect updates on this in the following releases.

Has anybody else noticed crashes with the iPad app using the PDF viewer? Or did I find an evil-formatted PDF that creates simply problems for me only? It got so bad I was happy to find that I had exported this paper previously to GoodReader, so that I could read it in peace without crashes there.

BTW, I love the cropping feature of GoodReader, would be nice if something like that could come in the future, because every bit of screen counts for maximizing the zoom of the paper and that fixed zoom for every page is a very convenient feature to have.

Hi, I’ve signed up for the beta. Would love to try it and provide feedback!

Hi all,

I encountered my first bug with the app today. Whenever I press the sync button, I get “Error syncing your library”. And in fact, it seems like I can’t download any new information (papers/labels/folders) to my tablet. However, while annotating an old paper, the annotations were successfully uploaded to the website.

Let me know if there is something I can do to give you access to the logs or if I should try a specific manipulation to fix the issue.


Hi Carlos,

I signed up for the beta, but haven’t heard back yet. I’d love to help test the beta on iOS.

Hi I’ve signed up for the beta, but haven’t recevied any reply for a week. I would love to help to test this on iOS
Thank you so much.

I checked, and it seems the same problem is affecting the Android app on my phone.

Hi! I had a problem using the iPad. In general highlighting is easily synchronised, but when a handwrite with Apple Pen is not.
Hope this issue will be fixed, because some handwritten notes are quite useful.


+1 for the cropping/fixed zoom feature request mentioned above. When reading on small devices, it would be great if the zoom level stayed fixed even when panning to the next page in the PDF. Currently, one can zoom in and pan around to read a page. You can also pan to the next page, but if you do so the zoom resets — it would improve the reading flow if the zoom didn’t reset, so that one can just continue reading at the chosen zoom, which is presumably comfortable for the entire document.

Thanks for the iOS app, it is a real game changer.

Hi David,

The sync of handwritten notes work differently than highlights. For handwritten notes, the sync is triggered once you unselect the annotation tool, choose different one or close the editing toolbar.

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Hi, I’ve signed for the beta probably over a year ago and never got an invite. I’m currently using an iPhone and iPad and would love to give you some feedback

Hi there, I’ve signed up multiple times (first time many months ago) for the beta on Android and never got an invitation. Was able to test on iOS last year but completely moved to Android now and looking to buy a Chromebook. Would be open to providing feedback if given the chance!

Hi – Just today I got started with the iOS beta of Paperpile on my iPad. I do a lot of reading on my iPad, so having it on iOS is HUGE for me. Even though I’m barely into it, so far, so good. One thing that has come up: my entire lab uses Paperpile, and we’ve set up dozens of shared folders with papers from different topical categories, or from different research groups, etc. Even though I see my entire collection of papers (~3,000) in the iOS version, I don’t see the shared folders, which is a problem since that’s our main organizational framework for our collection. I’m not seeing a way to access shared folders from the iOS app on my iPad. I’m guessing (hoping?) that it’s possible but if so, it’s not very easy to find. Please advise. Thank you!

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