Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


HI, I actually bought an iPad Pro, rather than a Chromebook. Would it be possible to get an invitation to test out the iOS beta?


Hi. I signed up for the beta but I’ve heard nothing. Could you add me please? Thanks


Add me to to iOS beta trial .there is not a single app for citation in iOS for iPad Pro or iPhone


Is there no way to add a paper that I’m looking at in my iOS web browser to paperpile?


I can’t add any papers from ios ,I have to first add through windows what’s the use and it doesn’t even say that there will be citation support



You can check the current features of the app and the next features to be added at the top of the page. Allowing for papers to be shared from the mobile app is the aim for the next versions.


Hi Erik,

Shared folders aren’t being synced at the moment. We are planing a complete overhaul of folder sharing that will solve many issues. Those new shared folders will be synced.


Are you still sending out invitations for the private beta? I just stubbled about paperpile a week ago, and i thinking about replacing mendeley with it, but i need to be able to add papers on my ipad. So i would like to test the app before put a subscription.


Hello, I’ve signed up for the private beta before, could you please send me an invite as well? I’d love to provide feedback. Thank you!

Edit: Thanks for the invite!


Hello! I sent another request for the private beta. Would love to help and support this in any way.


Would be interested in beta testing the mobile iOS app and provide feedback if there is room for additional users. Have fille out the questionnaire.


I originally had this in the annotation thread, I think it should have been here.
Small things after a few days in use:

  1. It would be great to see a continuous scroll option for reading PDFs
  2. It would also be nice to have preferences saved for tools—line widths and default colors.
  3. It’s early yet, but the double-tap function on the Apple Pencil as either undo (as in other apps) or per the iOS default to either toggle eraser or switch between two functions would also be helpful.


One other feature—integrate the app into iOS share options, so that it’s easier to push from chrome/safari into paperpile (since the web interface can’t be used to search for papers). PDF Expert can receive from Safari, but not from Chrome, so I’d guess this is an app-specific feature. Current workaround is Safari->PDF Expert->Upload to Google Drive, but realistically, I skip this and add it from my laptop and then open in Paperpile.


Hi there, would you be so kind as to send me an invite for the beta too? I signed up a while ago and would love to get involved in the testing. Thanks!


I would love to beta test it also, I signed up a while ago but heard nothing. Thanks!


I signed up and would love to participate in the beta!


Hi, I also signed up a while ago and would love to take part in the testing. cheers


@carlos, @stefan The Paperpile for iOS version 0.1 (31) expires in 6 days according to TestFlight. Would it be possible to get an update or extended testing period ?


I have signed up the questionnaire of the private beta. I would be very interested in the private beta of the mobile Android app. I’d lovely to provide the feedback of testing.


Hi Sebastien,

Don’t mind the TestFlight expire time, it will get renewed before the expiration date.