Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) πŸ“±


Sweeeet – Carlos, please invite me!



I am loving Paperpile for iPad. I find reading and annotating on the iPad so much more fun than on the computer (I grew up reading papers on photocopies, so I guess old habits die hard).

I also found out the functionality of classifying papers with tags or folders on the iPad really great.

I did run in to a problem today. I just loaded up 5 new papers to my library. They have synced to the iPad, but no PDF download button appears. They all have PDFs attached to them, and I can open the PDFs no problem on the Desktop. I have tried taping the sync button. I have tried killing the app, and starting it up again. Has anyone else run in to this issue? According to TestFlight, I am running 0.1 (33) and am running iOS 12.1.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



I fixed the issue by updating Chrome. It seemed by Google Drive Sync was broken. It all works now.

Thank you.


Hi, Regarding the invite, I currently use PaperPile with my organization GSuite which doesn’t have email functionality enabled. Would it be possible to re-send the invitation to my personal Gmail? Many thanks!


Hi, I’ve sent the request twice for the private betas of both ios and android, but get no response yet :frowning:


Hi, signed up but no invite yet, would be super eager to try the app for iOS.


Would greatly appreciate an invite for the Android beta.


I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can use my iPad to (1) add papers to my collection, and (2) cite-while-I-write on the iPad (e.g. in MS Word for iPad or even in Google Docs for iPad). I imagine I am not alone in this.

Can you give us some idea of a time frame for (1) and for (2)? Days? Weeks? Months? Never?

My guess is weeks/months for (1) and perhaps never for (2)?


Congrats on the progress.
I’d love an invite to the beta.
Thanks for your consideration


I’d like to be invited for the private beta version of Paperpile. Please add me to the list. I really like Paperpile. It would be very nice if I can use on my ipad. Thanks!


I would love to try out the beta for iPad as well and would appreciate an invite.




Hi Paperpile team, have been actively using your tool for the last year and it’s been wonderful - would love an invite to the iOS beta to be able to use Papperpile on my iPad as well!



Hi - I am very much looking forward to this feature as well and would love to be involved in the beta testing for Paperpile for iOS. Thank you!


Hi. I would love to be invited to paperpile for iOS and Android (for my phone and tablet), the promise of this and the Word citation will make Paperpile the best reference manager for academia. I am glad I got away from Mendeley while I had the chance.


Hi folks,

I signed up for the original beta, and never received a response. So, I signed up again after seeing the announcement and then updates for the new beta, and still have not received a response.

Being able to kick the wheels on the current beta would allow me to do some risk assessment for my longer term use case which incorporates multiple iOS devices, and hopefully it may help me avoid switching to another solution prematurely.

I’ve been a happy Paperpile user on OS X for many years after switching to it from Endnotes.



I’ve installed the Android app on a Samsung 8" tablet and a Motorola G5S+ phone. It installed cleanly and works very well for its basic functions. Nicely laid out, responsive. I am particularly struck that viewing the folders is much faster on these android devices than on the desktop – it takes about 8 seconds to show the folders on my Surface Pro, and about 3 seconds on my phone.

The connection to pdfs does not work well. I get frequent freezes and crashes while annotating pdfs and when trying to view files on my device. I work around this for now by searching for the file in the Google Drive app and editing it in Xodo.

I don’t understand why you have chosen to download the files to the device: one of the nice things about the desktop version is that it works directly on files in the cloud (google drive) without downloading them. The downloading / uploading process is almost bound to run into glitches.

The only issue that will really limit my use of Paperpile on Android for now is the inability to edit, or even view, notes. I use notes a lot to summarize articles, so that absence is serious.

Thanks for the excellent work, and I look forward to further progress!


I also signed up for Beta testing and am eagerly waiting for an invite to test out the Android mobile app.


Signed up for beta ages ago. Not sure if that was first or second list but never have received invite. Eager to try reading academic pdfs on large ereader with paperpile!


Hi, I too signed up for the private beta a while ago and haven’t received an invite yet. I would love to get an invite, try it and give feedback.


The beta immediately crashes on my iPad (running IOS 12.1.1)