Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


Stefan and Carlos: please send me invite for beta. Thank you!


Hi Stefan, love Paperpile and would greatly appreciate an invite to the iOS beta. Thanks!!


Could I please receive an invitation to download the Android beta, please? Thanks!



I have been a paperpile user for more than a year. I convinced my wife to join too. I filed twice the form to be included in the android beta test, and I still don’t get any. I am eager to use this on my tablet. Can we both get one invitation @stefan ?


Hi @carlos & @stefan

I filled out the form for iOS beta testing but haven’t received an invitation. I’m starting my lit review for my PhD and plan to stick with whatever PDF annotation / reference manager I choose for the duration of my dissertation. I’d really like that to be Paperpile, but reading/annotating solely on my Mac doesn’t work for me so I’d be very grateful to receive an invitation.

PS my partner is a developer so I promise to give lots of helpful feedback and send you lots of bug reports.

Thanks for all your work!


Hey @stefan I’ve been waiting awhile for an iOS beta invite. I’d love to get access for mobile use. Thanks.


Dear Carlos and Stefan,

I would like to ask you to invite me for the Beta. I essentially bought a new iPad just to try this beta. Seems incredibly promising.

Thanks in advance and for all your great work!


I have just lost all my annotations on a paper. I was half way through a couple of days ago, and continued today. The notes from today are still there but now all the previous ones are gone.

I realise things are still in beta so this might happen but is there anyway I can get them back? The notes were made all in the android app but everything was previously visible from the web app as well and the notes are gone when I look at the paper from the android app and from the website.

I have just gone to version control via my Google Drive and thankfully, if I go back a few days the annotations are back. Is there anyway to get them back all together in the file? Also is there anyway I might avoid this happening in the future?


I downloaded both versions, merged the annotations and reuploaded to PP. Everything was working great again but now I am having syncing issues again.

When I open the paper on the android app I can see my annotations. This is true both on my phone and on my tablet. I can close the app and reopen it and they are still there.

But when I open the paper on the website, Paper Pile’s beta viewer with annotations, its missing many of the later annotations.

I checked the pdf directly via google drive and it has all of the later annotations but it doesn’t seem to have the ones I merged in that are visible in PP.

So right now I can see three different versions of my PDF.

  • Via PP Android App on phone and tablet - All Annotations
  • Via PP viewer on my PC all the annotations bar the last few
  • Via Google Drive Directly - All the annotations bar the first few.

What’s going on?


Hi @stefan, greeting! Congrats for the great tool, paperpile.

I tested paperpile android app.

issue with the PDF viewer:
I first lost the annotation previously done with xodo. Then keep losing the the annotation done with paperpile own PDF viewer.

few suggestions for PDF viewer:

  • annotation: be able to keep the latest setting like color, thickness
  • annotation: after selecting text, there can be more options such as drawing line, search on web, dictionary etc. Xodo provided features could be good references.
  • could provide option for choosing other pdf viewers when opening a pdf


Hi @stefan I’m really enjoying the iOS beta app for reading and annotating my papers on my iPad. It’s great!

The missing link however is being able to add a paper to my Paperpile when browsing the internet on my iPad.

My current solution is to email myself a link to the paper/webpage, and then wait, until next time I happen to be using a desktop computer, and then open the email, open the webpage, and then use the Chrome extension to add the paper to my paperpile.

It would be awesome if we could add papers to our database on iOS.

Thanks and looking forward to the next release,


Perhaps I’m missing something, but how do I export the reference (not the pdf, just the reference) to, say, mail? Or simply copy a reference.

This is quite important to me when I share references with my students via email or a messenger app.


Hi guys! I’m an academic and have tried all the popular apps. My needs have changed over the years as I’ve switched from Windows-based Surface products to apple devices. It now takes an iPad and a macbook together to accomplish the paper reading experience that my Surface Book provided. I love your service the most on my macbook, but I cannot use it on my iPad. I requested an invite, but was mainly wondering how long the ETA is for the beta. I’m in a big reading/writing stage of my PhD and if it’s going to be a long time, I’ll just use another app for awhile. Let me know!


That is not available in the current version of the app.



Two requests for the android pdf reader:

  1. Viewing options in landscape mode to be able to show a single page/scrolling (right now it automatically goes to viewing two pages at once and you can only swipe, not scroll).
  2. Option to change the font size in the annotations.



Just to update, all my annotations are syncing fine and the problem has not persisted which is great. Loving how much easier this is making my PhD guys! Thanks for the hard work!

So I have another issue and I am unsure if it is my tablet or the app. I can’t replicate the issue with any other reading app though. Often when I try to scroll it zooms (as if its registering two fingers rather than one) Is anyone else having this issue?


Dear team,
I would love to try the beta on my iOS device as I have a lot of papers to read and annotate in the following months. It would really help me a lot if I got an invite.


I am an avid paper reader on iPads, and would love to beta trial on my device. Thank you!


@stefan and @carlos thank you for send me the invitation to paperpile on android! It is working and I am very happy with the experience until today. Thank you very much!

As I mentioned my wife is a user too. Could you also include her in the beta? What do you need to include her? Can I send you your email? (I don’t want to do it here)



Would love to also receive an invitation for the ipad beta trial. Thank you!