Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


Seems that my shared folders don’t appear on the iOS app. Known feature?


Once again I have lost all my annotations to a document. This is the third time its unfortunately happened, it seemed to happen when I turned my tablet from horizontal to vertical and the view flipped, only this might just be a coincidence. Google drive has backups of the files so I have gotten some of my annotations back but NOT all of them. The earlier ones cannot be retrieved so I have lost hours of work. I understand this can happen with Beta software and I am accepting the risk but please advice me on whether this is a known issue and how I might avoid it (without saving multiple backups every few moments).

The google drive back up behaviour is also strange as every version in the history has the same annotations, missing the early ones (from a few hours ago), but when I open it in the app (or webapp) no annotations are visible so I have to download the PDF from GDrive and upload it as a supplementary PDF in paperpile to see the annotations again. Then I choose the “Set as main PDF” option to back back to where I left off (bar the missing earlier annotations).


Hi Simon,

Yes, that is a know issue with the pdf editor on Android, which deletes the annotations when the screen is rotated. This is already fixed in the upcoming version.


Woo! Glad to hear it! Also glad to hear that I just need to make sure its not set to auto-rotate in the meantime! I was just coming back to confirm that the lack of google drive backup was in fact my user error and it had been backed up :slight_smile:

I appreciate the response and the PP team engaging with its users on here. It is the reason I chose PP over its other main competitor for cloud based bibliography stuff (plus your beta app is better than their fully fledged app that has not public support board like this one).


Shared folders are due for a complete overhaul, once that’s done, they’ll get synced to the mobile app.


You are invited already since November. I’ve sent you a new invitation email, please check if you’ve received it.



I think I registered but I could have missed the invite or did not register properly – either way, i am eager to participate!



Hi Paperpile team,

I registered using the form, and would be thrilled to do beta-testing of the app as well.

Thanks, Martijn


Thanks for sending invite to test app. I have installed in on my ipad and iphone 6 but hardly uses it on my phone as iphone 6 is becoming slower every other day. So, my feedback at-large is on ipad app.

  • Data sync is fast and near real-time, and haven’t seen crash so far (~ month).
  • Scrolling through articles (~ 3000 +) is sleek and responsive, but would be plus if search is allowed by restricting to multiple and not a single tag.
  • Suggest to add search for labels in sidebar.
  • Annotations are working nice so far except a few glitches here and there, e.g., randomly disappearing underlines or text.
    • If underlines are converted to straight lines using apple pencil, it would be a plus. For now, I can draw stright underlines by selecting a text and using popup underline option.

Overall, I am quite happy with current app version, and big thanks for putting efforts into it.


Hi i also signed up a while a go for the beta, but unfortunatly never got invited. I’m eager to use paperpile with android and myself an app developer, so i might have valuable feedback also. Please invite me for beta so i can read my papers on the go!

Thanks Martin


Hi everyone,

We will release a new beta version of the mobile apps next Monday, Feb 25th.

For iOS users, due to technical reasons, we’ll need to expire the old beta version and you’ll need to do a clean install of the new version.

That’s just a heads-up, in case you have any local changes that you want to sync before the app expires on Feb 25th.

We will send you more news as soon as the new version is available next Monday. New invites will be sent then.



HI Carlos, can I get an invite to test the iOS app?

Thanks, Ricardo


I’m just recently registered in the forum and have been using PP for 3 days. I have decided officially to use it in my PhD so I migrated from Mendeley. It would be very nice if I can also use the iPad version beta.

Thank you,


Hey paperpile team,

I’m hoping to try out the beta app across my iPhone and iPad, could you guys let me test it out? Thanks!



Hey team,

I’m really excited to try the iOS app. I love to work on my Research in iOS, so I would love to send suggestions. Could you please add me on TestFlight?



Just got the latest update. Some quick comments:

  • Initial sync went quickly and caused no problems :+1:
  • Was able to add journal article to paperpile database from mobile safari :sunglasses:
  • Still can’t share references in any way :sob:
  • Updates to PDF viewer seem nice, especially scroll options and night view :+1::sunglasses:
  • PDF viewer still can’t export annotations :sob:
  • Manual Zoom on PDF resets each time you scroll to a new page :sob:
  • Offline sync for entire folders seems like a nice feature, but didn’t try it yet :+1:
  • Would like option to have offline sync for all “starred” items, or a label, regardless of folder :thinking:
  • Saving items to a given folder or tag when adding in Safari is nice, but would love to set a default “inbox” :thinking:


HI Carlos,
can I get an invite to test the Android app?

Thanks, Adobe


Took the latest update for a spin. Some impressions (a la @Kerim’s comments) are below. Really feel the iOS app is coming together excellently, awesome work !

General comments:

  • PDF viewer improvements are all great :+1:
  • Would like offline sync to propagate automatically to subfolders :thinking:
  • Offline sync can get “stuck” for certain references with large PDFs and repeatedly prompt to sync this reference (e.g. this occurs for one of my references with a ~400 MB PDF) :confused:


  • subfolders are not visible when viewing the content of a parent folder :sob:
  • back arrow navigation jumps to root rather than traversing the folder hierarchy :sob:
  • folder panel truncates longer names :sob: can it be adjustable ? :thinking:


How did you download the new vesion guys?


It appears through TestFlight. You should also have received an email.

How did you download the new vesion guys?