Paperpile for iOS and Android private beta (closed)

Huge fan of the scroll/page setup updates!

Just added a reference with pdf from the Twitter ios app’s web browser. It went smoothly and I was able to open the reference in the iOS paperpile app immediately afterwards. This is a much needed feature and nicely implemented. Great work all.

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HI Carlos,
Can I get an invite to test the Android app as well as the iOS app that fits iPad?

It’s a good question. A few points:

  • What we do on iOS unfortunately does not help on desktop Safari at all.
  • While the rest of the browser world decided to consolidate the extension model around the Chrome model, Apple thinks different. To do what we do on Chrome or iOS requires a desktop app present that communicates with the browser.
  • All I can say at this point is that there are reasons beyond Word integration why we spent so much resources in a downloadable Mac Desktop App (this is essentially what the “Word plugin” is). Those reasons include Safari support, which is part of our long term goals with the product.

Are you designing the Mac plugin/app in a way that it will be possible to have an API that editors could pick up, for example, to add citations into Latex documents via a VSCode plugin? That would be my dream world.

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@michaelaye This is a question for the desktop thread. I have responded there.

I agree that the ability to add papers from mobile is terrific. I find the actual references a bit erratic – some are fine, but some have not found the bibliographic information even for perfectly normal journal articles with Google Docs entries. So they show up in Paperpile as “Miscellaneous” and “incomplete”, with just a meaningless title. I can easily get the full reference into Paperpile via Google Scholar, but then I can’t move the paper into the new record without downloading and re-uploading. Could the additions from mobile just use the same process for identifying the bibliographic info as additions from the desktop?

I couldn,t figure out how I would add a file to paperpile in my IPad Pro. There is no “Add to Paperpile” in any place,

This should help:

Thank you Kerim, this works for me, also I managed to sync all my folders. After I spent two days using the app I think it is amazing in general. There are some ideas that I’m still struggle with:

  • I couldn’t “auto-download” file within the app. I did this with my laptop.
  • There is no sign that I can put when I finish my reading so next time I remeber where I need to start.
  • The design of taking notes needs more attention, I think it is very classic.

I will add more next days, but in general I like the app.

Hi Carlos and the Paperpile team,

Could I have an invite? I have submitted the form and am eager to test the beta.

Thank you!

I would like an invite as well. Thank you!

Would love an invite to the Android beta as well as the iPad iOS app!

I’ve just switched my Paperpile account to a new Google account and filled out the beta form again (I did it first ages ago). I’d really appreciate an invite to the iOS beta!

Cheers, Carlos, would love to join your iOS beta testing: am hoping i’m not too late to participate! My email is I submitted the form as well.

I’ve just started working on my thesis and would love to see how the iPad app helps. Cheers~

I’d love to participate in the iOS beta. I did sign up through the form a long time ago as well. Thanks!

I’d love access to the iOS beta, filled out the form a while ago now but still haven’t heard anything. Thanks!

I signed up for the beta a while ago and have not heard anything. Is there anyway I could get added? I’d love to be able to use Paperpile on Android.

Same here – I would love to participate. I signed up a while back and never heard anything. I’d be testing on iPhone and iPad. Thanks