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Probably a stupid question.

When I make annotations on my Android tab they do not seem to save. To get from the PDF back to the paperpile front screen I am just pressing back on my tab as there does not seem to be a back to paperpile button (or at least I cannot see one) like there is on the desktop version.

Is this me doing something wrong or is this a bug?

The annotations I have made on my desktop have shown up on my tablet so it seems to work that way round.


Hi Stefan,

I was part of the first beta programme, and received an invitation to fill in the form for this new beta, which I did. Since then I have not heard anything. Is that to be expected?



I’d like to participate. I filled out the form a while back.

I’d like to participate in this! I have just filled out the survey. thanks.

Hi, thanks for the invitation. I installed the beta on my iPhone, thinking I could also install it on my iPad but it looks like I need a separate invitation to do so. It looks great on the iPhone but to really test it realistically as I would use it, the iPad version would be better. Could I trouble you for another invitation?


Thanks for that warning. So I will go straight to the iPad when I finally get an invitation!

I really want to participate. Filled the form months ago…

Me too… It’s been around a year I think…

Hi, I have participated in the questionnaire months ago as well, but I did not have the chance to use the app and I have filled the questionnaire again.
Please, let me know if I have to do something else.

I don’t believe that the handwriting (using apple pencil) syncs with the beta web PDF viewer…

First impression: on install it initially told me I had no papers in my library; but when I hit refresh it quickly filled them all in.

Does the new beta give me a way to add papers to Paperpile from my phone?

Lately I’m seeing some ghost entries in the iOS app. They say “no journal” and appear blank. I labeled them with a unique tag, but I don’t see them back on the desktop app. My internet here is a bit sluggish, so that might be the cause, but I ensured that sync was complete on both sides and the ghost entries are still there…

Hi I would like to see a sharing button so that a paper can be quickly shared after it is searched. Currently the sharing interface is not very great.

Hi Lucy, in order for that type of annotation to sync you’ll need to either unselect the “pencil” annotation tool in the toolbar, select some other annotation tool, or simply close the toolbar. After that, the annotations should sync after a few seconds.

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Hi Andrew, not at the moment, you can check the app’s roadmap at the top of the page.

Quick update: We’ve invited everyone who requested an invite on the forum. In case some of you have missed the invitation, please check your email (maybe spam folder) again.

The next update will improve PDF downloads considerably. Any more feedback and bug reports are welcome of course!

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I’ve requested an invite on the forum some time ago and filled out the form here, too. No invite so far :frowning:
Edit: Would be interested in both iOS & android, since I have both
Edit: Thanks for the invitation!

Great news!! Finally it comes. I can not wait to try it. I’ve looked forward to it for a long time. What is the invitation email like. It seems not in my any folder. Can you send it to me again if possible. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the quick response! I have received the email!

is it late to request an invite now? I did apply before two times, through that request form.