Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta) 📱


Very cool, thanks! (I both filled in the forms and requested access in the old thread). Would be nice if you from time to time can give an update on invite status, so that we don’t flood you with impatient questions. :wink:


I just received the invitation and had a quick look at the beta on iOS (iPad). The app looks good and all the basic functionalities are there, so I am generally very satisfied. Good job !

Some suggestions:

  1. I like the reading/annotating paper view, and it will probably replace my current PDF app. (PDF Viewer Pro) I wish we could go « full screen » by tapping on the paper content, such that the top gray bar appears/disappears. If possible, while keeping the annotation toolbar on the side so as to annotate while we read. Secondly, having tabs for all reccently opened papers would be awesome and allow us to quickly switch from one paper to another. An alternative would to allow opening and editing papers in other apps.

  2. (Edit: just saw this is possible with folders, just not with started papers.) Downloading starred papers would be a great functionality and allow us to keep all unread papers on mobile. I am not sure how difficult this would be though.

Let me know if I can be of any more help. I’ll probably keep posting as I use the app more.


In my excitement to try the new beta I filled out the form again. I was on the first beta and would love to be on this one, too–will having filled out the form a second time put me at the back of the line?



Trying to focus on those aspects that were highlighted as in need of testing and which I could test (I don’t have an Apple Pencil). Other than the app occasionally crashing (I assume you get reports when this happens?) here are my observations:

  • Faster and more robust data synchronization.
    • This is working well for me so far.
  • Changes are synced automatically across all devices and the webapp.
    • On re-launch was asked to sync two files totalling 80 MB, even though I only have one paper downloaded (which is 41.35 MB)?
  • Manage labels and folders (create, move, delete, color)
    • Was able to assign and create labels.
    • Labels are not properly sorted. First letter sorting is fine, but among each letter the sort seems random. So lables starting “language” (i.e. language ideology, language rights, etc.) are not all together in the right order.
    • Creating a label currently requires leaving the assign lable screen and going to the sidebar, then going back.
    • No way to search for a label, or show only those labels assigned to the current item when assigning labels.
    • Suggestion: show recently used labels at top!
  • Set labels or folders as “offline” and automatically download all PDFs in those “offline” labels and folders to your device.
    • Haven’t tested
  • Organize references in labels and folder via toolbar or swipe-left gesture.
    • Works.
  • Many improvements to the PDF Viewer and Annotator
    • Initial tests seem fine.
    • Would like the ability to export annotations to another app.
  • PDF annotations are synced in real-time with our beta PDF annotator on the web.
    • Does not seem to be working. None of my iOS highlights showed up in the beta PDF annotator.


Thanks Kerim, that’s very detailed and useful feedback. We will first concentrate on actually making sure everything works and then will break out specific feature requests in other threads where we can track and discuss those (we have quite a few ideas on how we can improve labels overlapping with your suggestions)

We had a short outage of the new beta servers from about 6-7am CEST this morning. Can you verify that if you open a PDF on mobile and in the beta web annotator they don’t sync up?

Thanks again!


The highlights I made earlier now show up, but when I tried to make a new highlight on my phone it didn’t show up on the web version of the PDF annotator. I then tried doing a manual sync of my library using the button on the top right, but an error message came up on the bottom of the screen saying “error syncing your library.”


We have had a look in your logs there is indeed a sync error. We only saw this once during our own testing and could not reproduce. Also no other user currently has this error.

Sorry about that we will look into that.



I’ve just started using the desktop version of paperpile and really like it. I was hoping there would be an Android version for my tablet and glad to come across this.

Is it still possible to get the beta version for Android?



I requested an invite in the previous thread but never received one. Would love to try this out now. Thanks.


We’ve identified the problem, could reproduce it and just pushed and update (it’s server side, so you don’t need to install a new version).


Yes, the error seems to be gone!


Hi Stefan,

I love Paperpile, and have been using for 3 years now! I filled in the form for the old iOS beta and was told that this release was coming soon. I just got the new iPad + Apple pencil (for grad school, yay!) and would love to try this new beta out and give feedback.



When do you expect to add users to this beta that were a part of the previous beta? I can’t even log into the current app…


Users of the previous beta are being invited progressively, so that we can fix any issues that may occur before they affect a larger number of users.


Hello. I signed up for the original beta, and filled in the form for the new beta, but I haven’t received any invite yet. It would be great to test the new beta. Thanks!


Well tested. I agree, the ability to export highlights is important. I’d stick to my existing PDF reader (Moonreader) until this function was implemented. Congratulation the app so far.



Probably a stupid question.

When I make annotations on my Android tab they do not seem to save. To get from the PDF back to the paperpile front screen I am just pressing back on my tab as there does not seem to be a back to paperpile button (or at least I cannot see one) like there is on the desktop version.

Is this me doing something wrong or is this a bug?

The annotations I have made on my desktop have shown up on my tablet so it seems to work that way round.



Hi Stefan,

I was part of the first beta programme, and received an invitation to fill in the form for this new beta, which I did. Since then I have not heard anything. Is that to be expected?




@kerim and @Mzantsi In what format / to what application do you want to export the annotations?

Do you want to do this on mobile?

Export of all PDF annotations and all other notes in standard formats like Markdown are planned for our new notes UI in Paperpile and also for our web PDF reader (actually we disabled the function in the current beta of the PDF reader I think, but only because we are working on this feature…)


Yes, I very much want to do this on mobile! Right almost none of the mobile e-book or PDF readers make it very easy to export one’s annotations. You can do it via email in some cases, but I would much rather be able to export my annotation directly to Bear, Outlinely, or similar apps that can take text via the share extension. Really, just a plain text file with each clip on a separate line and no extra metadata would be fine. To be honest, my preferred format would be OPML to be able to import directly to an outliner app (which is where I process my notes) but they can mostly import plain text files as well, so that isn’t really necessary.