Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta) 📱


Hi Stefan,

Thanks! Still very happy with the apps. So far both Android and iOS apps run smoothly for me, no crashes or lags. Some additional feedback:


  1. On both Android and iOS version: Search doesn’t work properly when you switch between the “All papers” view and Search. Can be reproduced as follows: 1. from “All papers” click on Search icon, 2. type in search string which gives you real-time search results while typing 3. go back to “All papers” by pressing arrow button 4. Click on search icon again -> now the search results are empty, although the search string is still entered in the search field and cursor is active. Even hitting OK (screen keyboard) or Enter on hardware keyboard has no effect. One has to start typing or delete a character from the search string to activate search again.

  2. It looks like I can’t add a paper to the “Starred” category on mobile?


I also have some suggestions that concern the ease of use and I thought I’d make a separate post for them.

  1. Android version does not have tag icons in swipe menu After swiping left on entries, you can select tags or folders for an entry. The iOS version shows a small colored icon for tags which I like a lot because it makes the selection process quicker. The Android version does not have them.

  2. Left swipe to get from tag to folder selection. Adding to 1., in terms of ease of use I think it would be great if a second left swipe would get you from the tag to the folder menu. Right now you have to click on the folder tab. [EDIT- Extending this idea: It would actually be great if one could navigate to, from and within the tag/ folder menu using swipes instead of having to click buttons or tabs. E.g. left swipe on paper entry opens tag/folder menu, additional left swipes cycle through tag/folder tabs, right swipe in lieu of “apply” button to get back to paper view]

  3. It would be fantastic if there was a "pin to top” function that allowed you to keep a handful of highly important papers at the top of your screen and prioritize them during searches and when you look at the paper selection for a tag or a folder. There is usually a handful of “core papers” for a certain tag/folder, and this would highlight them and allow quick access on mobile devices (And how great would it be if you could select to pin or star a paper by swiping right on an entry?!:wink:
    Pin-to-top would be similar to the “Starred” category in certain aspects, but would be more integrated into the flow of tags/folders instead of being a separate category. I imagine that pinned papers would show up at the top of lists and searches, but when you scroll down they would collapse into a small entry at the top of the screen (say a single line with a pin icon) that you could click to expand/collapse those entries. Especially with many entries in folders or tags I would find this tremendously helpful.



I filled out the form for the beta a while ago, and I would love to participate! My experience with Paperpile has been great so far, but I’m finding that exporting pdfs to a separate app/ecosystem for annotating on my iPad is a bit impractical. I feel that the Paperpile iOS app would really complete the experience for me, and I’d be happy to provide my feedback to help you guys out!



Here is some feedback on the iOS app for iPad:

  • Sometimes (once so far) app needs manual sync to propagate pdf annotations to web version
  • It would be nice to have Define option for words
  • Display page number on screen tap
  • Star articles

But in general, Paperpile is awesome and much better than anything I used before. Thanks!


I’d also requested an invite a while ago but can’t find the invitation email (I’ve checked spam). I just completed the invitation request form again. Thanks!


Hi, I signed up for the beta, but missed the initial round of invites. I’ve completely switched my workflow from Papers to Paperpile and an iPad app is the missing piece for me.

Could I have an invitation please? I would be happy to give constructive feedback.

Edit: I got an invite. Thank you!


Just installed on an Ipad Pro (about two years old).

First impressions:

  • Installation was flawless. The into screen provides an excellent overview.
  • When asking for google credentials,some apps navigate to a screen where you can select a google account that you are already logged into instead of having to type in your login. Not a biggie but would add extra convinience
  • App navigated 2FA flawlessly
  • Sync took a couple of minutes but was pretty solid. My library has 3000 papers, 2000 of which have pdfs, lots of folders. Mendeley’s desktop sync for a smaller library is not as solid.
  • Downloading a pdf reference was very smooth
  • Apple pencil support for highlights worked great. Highlighting was very smooth.No glitches so far.

Overall very polished. Kudos.


I just got Paperpile for the promise of the iPad app and integration with Google Docs. I’m migrating from Zotero and I think that the iPad app is the missing piece of my research puzzle. I’ve signed up for an invite to the beta, but I fear I’m too late to the party and I haven’t gotten one yet. I’d love, love, love to see if this would be the solution I think it will be to my writing dilemmas. I promise I’ll give thorough feedback.


I signed up for the beta a while ago and haven’t received an invite yet. I would love to start testing the android app out soon if possible. Working on the clinic floor, it is often inconvenient to reference/save journal articles on a laptop!


I’ve installed on both the iPad Pro and the iPhone 7. On each, the installation was easy and all my references quickly appeared. Changes made to a reference on the website was reflected almost instantly in the app and vice versa.

Downloading a pdf and annotating were very easy and intuitive. I did hesitate slightly when I didn’t see a button for comments, but the next logical step was to click on a bit of highlighted text and see what happened. Which promptly allowed me to add comments.

Highlights and comments made on documents show up on all versions of Paperpile as expected.

I’m looking forward to being able to add references, edit references, and export annotations and comments in the app. I am dying to be able to use Paperpile Cite while you Write on my iPad.

I have been working towards using the iPad Pro as my primary device for research and writing and so far, no one has been able to create a seamless citation manager that works with a iOS word processing app that I can also access on my work computer that is a PC. If you can get Paperpile to do this, you will win the internet. I know a number of academics and students that long to ditch the laptop and migrate to the iPad full time, but citations are a hindrance to that.

Keep up the good work.


Happy to beta test the iOS version. Filled the form twice long long time ago but never received the invitation letter. Thanks :slight_smile:


I have used the Android beta on the Samsung S8 and on the Yoga book, as well as on the Samsung Chromebook plus. Installation and the initial sync were without problems. However, after annotating pdfs I lost the annotations once or twice completely. It is great that one can manipulate folders, but I was surprised that folder deletion happens without further confirmation, which could potentially cause serious headaches.

The Android beta worked stable on Samsung S8, but I had several crashes on the Chromebook plus. Using the pen as input device during pdf annotation is not the smooth experience that I had hoped for (no palm rejection for example). The lines look smooth in the paperpile pdf viewer, but edgy when looked at with other pdf viewers.

Anyway, it is awesome to finally have this app, and be able to read through my papers anytime anywhere. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the invitation. Testing now.


I signed up to beta test the tablet app in the prior round, also just signed up today but still haven’t heard anything. I would love to be a beta tester for this since I am using Paperpile non-stop for my academic reading and writing in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology. I would love to take part and could contribute serious constructive feedback. Thanks!


Hi, I filled out the form previously but haven’t received an invite. I am heading to europe for a conference / to travel and am only planning on bringing my ipad, so I would really love to get this beta!! I’ll be working on a paper while traveling, it would be great to use paperpile for it. Any chance I can get an invite? Thanks, Milo


Hello, I am also interested in an invite please! I believe I had previously filled out the form. Thank you! Josh


+1, this IOS app sounds like just what I have been waiting for! I completed the form, but no invitation yet. Are you automatically sending invitations to people who fill out the form, or do we need to make a specific request on this forum? Thanks!


The promise of a mobile app has been the main reason I bought into this ecosystem. I use it much less than I could because I can’t easily find the PDFs in my Google drive unless I remember to log into the app after auto downloading from chrome.

I also signed up for the beta app twice–the first time seems like 18 months ago–and have yet to receive a response.


Hey everyone,

Thank you for the feedback you’ve given so far, it has really been useful when finding issues with the apps. We’ll also take the feature requests you’ve suggested into consideration for future releases.

In regards to the beta invitation, adding people to each of the platforms is a manual process, although for the newer versions of the apps we’re adding people every day, this process takes time due to the large amount of users that sign-up for it. That being said, everyone who commented here should have received an invite by now, in case we missed anyone leave a comment below so we can have a look.

Also a quick update on the progress of the apps, we’re now working on different ways of adding papers to the library on mobile including sharing from other apps, so you can expect updates on this in the following releases.


Has anybody else noticed crashes with the iPad app using the PDF viewer? Or did I find an evil-formatted PDF that creates simply problems for me only? It got so bad I was happy to find that I had exported this paper previously to GoodReader, so that I could read it in peace without crashes there.

BTW, I love the cropping feature of GoodReader, would be nice if something like that could come in the future, because every bit of screen counts for maximizing the zoom of the paper and that fixed zoom for every page is a very convenient feature to have.