Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta) 📱


I see that the iOS beta expires in 10 hours. Can we expect an update before then?


My screen gets stuck on this when opening some articles:



I strongly endorse this request to enable iOS import of a Safari-loaded pdf itself, not just from the article’s web page. The latter often fails to work, especially from off-campus. Direct import of a Safari-loaded pdf, via the Paperpile icon behind the Safari “Share” button, would greatly ease and simplify the workflow, but the Paperpile icon is not available under those circumstances. If there’s any way to rectify this, that would be fabulous. Beyond this issue, the iOS version has been working well for me – thanks.


Got the update. Seems to work fine, but everytime it syncs an “Error syncing your library” message appears and then goes away again. Is this a bug, or is something actually going wrong during sync?


So I confirmed that sync was broken, but I fixed it by logging out and then logging back in again…


So far I have no issue. Everything works just fine, I really think this app is helpful for academia and it will change the way we reference our works. Really appreciate that,


Longtime desktop user. Please send Android beta invite. Thanks!


on iPad

“something went wrong”

and it won’t add to my database

other links add without a problem


Hi I’m still living in hope of seeing an invite to the iOS beta test one day!

Paperpile remains better than any other method I’ve ever had for managing references, but I think having it on my iPad might just change my life.