Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta) 📱


Well tested. I agree, the ability to export highlights is important. I’d stick to my existing PDF reader (Moonreader) until this function was implemented. Congratulation the app so far.



Probably a stupid question.

When I make annotations on my Android tab they do not seem to save. To get from the PDF back to the paperpile front screen I am just pressing back on my tab as there does not seem to be a back to paperpile button (or at least I cannot see one) like there is on the desktop version.

Is this me doing something wrong or is this a bug?

The annotations I have made on my desktop have shown up on my tablet so it seems to work that way round.



Hi Stefan,

I was part of the first beta programme, and received an invitation to fill in the form for this new beta, which I did. Since then I have not heard anything. Is that to be expected?




@kerim and @Mzantsi In what format / to what application do you want to export the annotations?

Do you want to do this on mobile?

Export of all PDF annotations and all other notes in standard formats like Markdown are planned for our new notes UI in Paperpile and also for our web PDF reader (actually we disabled the function in the current beta of the PDF reader I think, but only because we are working on this feature…)


Yes, I very much want to do this on mobile! Right almost none of the mobile e-book or PDF readers make it very easy to export one’s annotations. You can do it via email in some cases, but I would much rather be able to export my annotation directly to Bear, Outlinely, or similar apps that can take text via the share extension. Really, just a plain text file with each clip on a separate line and no extra metadata would be fine. To be honest, my preferred format would be OPML to be able to import directly to an outliner app (which is where I process my notes) but they can mostly import plain text files as well, so that isn’t really necessary.