Paperpile for Word private beta (closed)

If you have unchecked the “Always include DOI or URL” option it should not add the URL to books, articles etc. It should only show for Websites and other online references


We have released a big update today including a version for Windows with the same feature set as our macOS version.

Here is all what’s new:

  • Support for Windows
  • Updated the complete design with a more streamlined user interface
  • Convert from and to Google Docs.
  • Convert from other reference managers (Mendeley and Zotero).
  • Edit metadata of references directly without the web app (also offline).
  • Added sharing model for collaborative work. The reference is either stored in:
    • The library of the owner. It will always be up-to-date with the version from the library and only the owner can change it.
    • The library of a collaborator. Only the collaborator can edit.
    • Only in the Word document. Everyone can edit.
  • Change between those options easily in for various scenarios
    • Take ownership of a collaborator’s reference and replace it with a copy from your library (either an existing copy or the reference is imported).
    • Make quick changes specific to the document which do not affect the version in your library.
  • Support custom citation styles
  • Many fixes and small improvements

I’ve joined the iOS and Word (Windows) Beta quite early. I love the product and I think both betas are in a good shape for a release anytime soon.
One thing which has been missing for a couple years now is something usable on an iPad (Pro). I guess that you already checked if the Paperpile Add-In could be made available within the MS Office Add-Ins on iOS, most likely with the answer being “NO”. Maybe there’s another way to offer a fully fledged, app independent way for iPad users to work on papers on the run?

How does the conversion from and to Google Docs work?

Just export the Google Doc to .docx and vice versa and the present references will be automatically converted?

Docs to Word
Export as .docx, open iit in Word and do the following:


Word to Docs

Simply use Export to Google Docs and follow the link we show you after the conversion:

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The current plugin is for Desktop only. It is possible to create a plugin that works across Office for Web, iPad and Desktop. We decided to use a different technology so we can optimize the experience of Desktop first (offline access, quick citation popup, keyboard shortcut, …)

That said, we deliberately developed the plugin in a way that it can be easily re-used in a different add-in framework in the future. It’s similar like for our Google Docs plugin. We also added our sidebar add-on later which works everywhere (every browser, also iPad). We have similar plans for Word too, but can’t give a timeline for that.

The windows plugin does not work on my machine. When I open the app nothing is displayed (just an empty window). Clicking any of the dropdown options also does nothing on the paperpile icon in the tray. When I open Word itself I can see a “Paperpile” tab on the ribbon, but when I click any of the functions, a new instance of the Paperpile app is launched (again just an empty window that does nothing).

I have tried reinstalling and rebooting, which have not resolved the issue.

I have this reproducible bug:

When I add a new reference while working on a document with the Paperpile App active, inserting the reference in the document will cause a crash:

After the app restarts I can add the reference (or by manually restarting it).


Hi, Just trying out the Word version for Mac. When I try to convert references from Mendeley it asks me to change the citation style, however won’t accept any styles. This is the error message:

@Daniel @Chris_NMM Thanks for your reports. We have just fixed these bugs in a new release.

We have released a new version 0.6.1 today:

  • Fixed a network connection problem which triggered many unnecessary sync attempts.
  • Improved handling of corrupt citation fields (one broken citation doesn’t crash the app anymore).
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving citation styles on application start.
  • Fixed wrong “Document not saved” error when converting files saved in a network folder (such as OneDrive).
  • Various other bug fixes and optimizations.

Thanks for the report. I sent you a follow up private message.

I have this strange bug sometimes when pulling up the widget to add a citation (ctrl+shift+p).

When I start typing the author’s name I’ll get a result which sometimes will shortly appear and disappear immediately. I have to add and delete a character after that to trigger the search again and make it reappear.

This is a bit irritating.

Seems like it happens in like 25-30% of the time, like when I type too fast and the search results filter/refresh too fast with every keytroke. Not noly after putting in the full authors name, but even after typing out half the name and trying to pick the reference at the top of the list.

This isn’t as important as the ongoing mystery of why the plugin only works on 2 out of the 3 Windows machine with Word on, but is it possible to have the in text references that have not yet been updated into the bibliography showing in blue as they do in Google Docs?

I’m importing some very long documents into Word from both Docs and Scrivener and as all the references are currently in the normal black typeface it is almost impossible to work out which ones have imported correctly and which haven’t.

Have to say though, on the machines where it does work, the plug in seems great - thank you and well done :slight_smile:

Re: not working on all your Windows machines. Are those all Windows 10 machines? @ttrepka will follow up in a week or so (he is currently out of office).

I’m importing some very long documents into Word from both Docs and Scrivener and as all the references are currently in the normal black typeface it is almost impossible to work out which ones have imported correctly and which haven’t.

I’m not sure how you import from Scrivener. When you import from Google Docs you should not need to worry about citations being correct. We use the same data and algorithms to create the citation. If it’s not correctly imported, it’s a bug and we need to fix it.

What you describe means the search results disappears. I have not seen this. Actually if you have any text in the search box you always should either see results or a “no results” message.

Any chance you can create a short video of that and post here?

I’ve just had a first proper chance to try this out now that the new installer works for me (Windows 10). It works great so far (particularly the citation search which is far better than Mendeley’s). I have a few bugs to report along with some feature requests/suggestions:

  • My default browser is currently Firefox. Since Paperpile only works in chrome, when linking to the web-platform Paperpile should launch chrome instead of the default browser (if possible). Its currently not possible for me to send feedback from the App itself without changing my default browser.

  • When inserting, moving, or updating the Bibliography the style of the preceding line/paragraph is lost. I.e. if I have a header line “References” with “Heading 1” style applied, this reverts to “normal” style.

  • It’s not clear where the Bibliography itself gets its style from - in my current document it has double line spacing, times new roman font, with font size of 14. It should ideally match the “normal” style of the document, or should have its own style that is customisable by the user.

  • It would be nice to be able to “merge” two or more sets of adjacent citations (i.e. as with the Mendeley plugin). This is useful e.g. when copy-pasting multiple references or long reference lists from elsewhere in the same document.

  • When adding or editing multiple citations it would be nice to be able to drag and move the citation bubbles (i.e. the ones that you can click to edit the reference or citation from within the plugin) around to control the order the citations appear in (when using citation styles which order references by order of appearance).

  • It would be nice to have a “Never include DOI or URL” option in the citation style.

I’ll try to… but it’s really random so I’ll try to record it somehow… I’ve managed to get it once but in that case it’s not as pronounced because I as typing too fast and it didn’t display any results at all.

But that seems to happen more often when I tryo to add the first reference.

I managed to record it now (sry, kinda low res, I don’t know why I can’t just share the original resolution):

It’s easily triggered by opening a new document and the first search will behave like this, after that it happens randomly when working on a document. But that’s essentially what happens.

Thanks Stefan - these are documents that have been cycling back and forth from Scrivener (main drafting) to Docs (referencing) and back to Scrivener for redrafting. Convoluted I know, but it has worked so far. However, it seems as though I’ve pushed it too far, and that Paperpile has now lost track of some of the citations, as there are far fewer appearing the Word bibliography than there should be. The ‘Unformat Citations’ option in the Docs sidebar has previously been really useful as a quick way of identifying any that need attention. Is there any chance of that being included in the Word version?

Yes, all three are Windows 10 machines - Tomas has been trying to work out what is/isn’t happening, and hopefully all 3 will be running it beautifully soon!