Paperpile for Word (private beta)

I’m in. Signing up now.

Yes, please!

Hi paperpile,

Can I ask whether this is designed only for citation insert at this moment? I see the current feature includes

Sync your complete library to your local computer and work offline.

But I could not use it to manage my papers like the web app. Did I over-interpret this? Or did I miss some current features?


At the moment, the local library serves only to make the citation process work offline.

The Beta seems to work great. It’s very fast! Any suggestions I have are cosmetic, which as you said is something you are still working on. So far so good!

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I’d like to sign up for the beta on macOS. Thanks!

Are you designing the Mac plugin/app in a way that it will be possible to have an API that editors could pick up, for example, to add citations into Latex documents via a VSCode plugin? That would be my dream world.

Our current plan is to (eventually) enable the app to place the right “\cite” command in your clipboard. That way, editors will not have to use any API; you press the global keyboard shortcut, Paperpile comes up, you find your reference(s), and then paste the result in your document editor.

A VScode plugin does sound cool though…

We have pushed a new update today. It includes mostly bug fixes and optimizations. For example, adding citations to documents with many citations in them should now be faster. In addition, pressing enter while the cursor is in the citation details pane (i.e. in the “page number” field) will complete the dialog, so it is a bit faster to add references with page numbers.

Mostly, we have been working towards making the whole thing work on Windows. In theory, the code in this release is stable on Windows with just a couple of tweaks, so if all goes well with this update we will be able to open up the beta to windows users.

Existing beta users: please give this update a try and let us know if you run into any problems or have any requests.

Great news! Count me in when you open it for windows!

Hey Jason could you add me? I requested through the app but I have heard nothing. Thanks,

@plg Please try again via the in-app chat. That is the only place we can actually add people. I also want to keep this thread mostly free of “add me” requests.

The chat isn’t working, maybe I should open a whole new thread about that issue.

Yes that would be a separate issue. You can also email, but be sure to use your Paperpile email address.

Eagerly waiting for a windows version!

When will a Windows version be released?

@jtremblay and @bashdy, please contact us via the in-app chat for an invite. It is locate in the lower-right-hand corner. I have deleted your replies to keep this thread from becoming one long string of “add me” requests.


Any news on when the beta will become available to windows users? Thanks!


Still no word on opening the Windows Beta?

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Hi Jason, I am unable to search and add citations to my word document that are not already in the original google docs document? Can it find these documents from the web as it does in google docs? I am sure i am midsing something obvious but can you assist?

At the moment you can insert citations from the Word document (if it’s already in there) and your own Paperpile library (which is always synced automatically and available offline on your computer).

“Web-lookup” as we have in Google Docs will follow. There is lots to say about this particular feature actually. We invested quite some time to make the lookup faster and more accurate in particular for citing books.

For now please use the “Add > Search online” feature in Paperpile to add a reference. It should be available immediately to cite in the Word plugin.