Paperpile for Word (private beta)


When will a Windows version be released?


@jtremblay and @bashdy, please contact us via the in-app chat for an invite. It is locate in the lower-right-hand corner. I have deleted your replies to keep this thread from becoming one long string of “add me” requests.



Any news on when the beta will become available to windows users? Thanks!


Still no word on opening the Windows Beta?


Hi Jason, I am unable to search and add citations to my word document that are not already in the original google docs document? Can it find these documents from the web as it does in google docs? I am sure i am midsing something obvious but can you assist?


At the moment you can insert citations from the Word document (if it’s already in there) and your own Paperpile library (which is always synced automatically and available offline on your computer).

“Web-lookup” as we have in Google Docs will follow. There is lots to say about this particular feature actually. We invested quite some time to make the lookup faster and more accurate in particular for citing books.

For now please use the “Add > Search online” feature in Paperpile to add a reference. It should be available immediately to cite in the Word plugin.


Quick update on the Windows release and in general on the progress.

We are working on a new release that contains most of the remaining missing core features (Google Docs import, Google Docs export, editing references in the single user and collaborative case, final UI design). That release will be available also for Windows. As always thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Is there a way to cite references without adding the URL in Word? Also, does anyone know why some references do not contain the date?


Can someone please hook me up with the word beta. Thanks!