PaperPile replaces author names beneath title with bibliography

While working on a manuscript in GoogleDocs, I pushed the “Update citations & bibliography” button and PaperPile inserted the bibliography beneath the title, replacing all the author names, rather than creating it near the end of the manuscript. I have manually corrected the problem, but PaperPile insists on doing things its way. Is there a way to direct it where to put the bibliography?

My guess you have copied/pasted part of the bibliography (e.g. author names). That can confuse Paperpile. Please have a look at this conversation: Move misplaced bibliography

Actually, I have no idea how I accomplished this, but your underlying premise, that there was an embedded link in the text that was being replaced by the misplaced bibliography, was correct. However, the link was invisible in the manuscript in GoogleDocs. To find it, I cut out the line containing all the author names, which was the line being replaced, and pasted that text into TextEdit. Any other word processor would have sufficed. Immediately, one of the names lit up in bright blue. Sure enough, it linked to a reference in PaperPile. So I deleted that name, typed it back in, and then copied and pasted the line back into the manuscript. Once that link was gone, when I instructed PaperPile to update the bibliography, it created it at the end of the manuscript, as it should. Now everything works perfectly. Thanks!