Paperpile stops working for a moderately large document

There are several independent points in your post:

  • We are still investigating the performance issue and the empty pages bug.
  • The problem that you could not lookup papers in your library suggests some network error. I’ve checked your account but I could not find anything unusual so it really seems it was just some intermittent network failure. We try to set reasonable timeouts and error messages telling you that something is wrong whenever possible but we can’t catch everything.
  • The error when trying to format the document can be explained that the Google AppScript service was not available at the moment. That is what our logs say. The actual formatting of the document happens on Google’s servers which we don’t control. In your case they just returned an empty response. Typically it comes back with an error message when something is wrong. In this case it was just empty. So it could have been some network issues also here which is consistent with the problem above.

We’ll announce some news regarding the Docs integration soon which should solve some of these issues.