PDF annotations private beta 1


A small thing. It would be nice if new PDFs opened in a new tab rather than over the one presently loaded. However if you are planning to integrate this into Paperpile, maybe a non-issue? Also one can duplicate the tab before loading the other paper as a work-around.

Otherwise, glad to see this annotator up and running.




That’s definitely something to consider. Opening a new PDF does not necessarily mean that you want to close the old one.


Hi guys,

I just tried exporting some annotations and I see when exporting as HTML, some of the formatting is lost. See screenshot. Words become joined and special characters are lost or replaced.



Thanks for reporting. Behind the hood we are using PDF.js and these guys work hard to parse the text from the PDF. But sometimes it does not work perfectly. For those cases, you can double-click on the highlighted text in the left side panel and edit the text to your needs.


Possible to rotate single pages of a PDF (e.g., command-R in OSX’s Preview)?

Even better would be for the zoom “fit to screen” zoom option to behave dynamically – there’s 1 page of this pdf that’s in landscape format, and it’s throwing off the width of the other 300 pages (even if I zoom in manually for the other pages, the horizontal scroll bar is annoying).


Problem with printing: when I go to print a pdf I have highlighted, the color ends up covering the words entirely…please help!



Can you send the PDF file to andreas@paperpile.com? Did you print in metapdf or in another application?


@Beck_Powers good catch. I’m still having the same problem as @zazzman, where I can’t get the correct portion of text to be highlighted. Did you just get lucky here, or are you consistently able to highlight this well?


Thanks again for being brave and taking part in the early beta phase.

MetaPDF is now in public beta. Please post all new issues here: http://forum.paperpile.com/c/pdf-annotations

Also don’t forget to tell all your friends and colleagues about MetaPDF!