PDF attachment named "et al. <year> <title>.pdf" -- nowhere to be found

I just imported a paper, and PDF was attached automatically. In Paperpile app I see the PDF file name starts with “et al. 2014 …”, and I can open this attachment, but I cannot find this attachment PDF anywhere in my Google Drive while searching by file name (it shows in the paper record in Paperpile that it is synced to Google Drive). Looks like a bug?

Do you see the little drive icon next to the file name in the attachments panel (paperclip panel).

If it’s there it should be synced and if you click it should take you to the paper in Google Drive.

yes, it shows that it is synced, and I can view the PDF, but how I can I locate the PDF in Google Drive? I am not even sure if it is actually in google drive. and why is the file assigned such a file name?

It’s a pity g-drive does not show the folder location for the PDFs, it is missing a lot of basic functionalities…

I’ll create a support ticket and contact you with some ideas on that. It might require some information from your account that’s better not discussed publicly.