Possibility to attach links (or gdocs)?

Thank you for the great work, I found Paperpile and decided to reconsider my whole workflow after 1 day of the trial. My workflow will be google apps for note taking and drafts, LaTeX for writing, and Paperpile to bring everything together perfectly (even better if android/ios integration becomes possible).

However, there is something that I couldn’t do (maybe not possible?). I would like to take notes about a specific paper in google docs, and then attach the google doc (or a link to it) in Paperpile. This way I can write more complex notes and access them from the Paperpile entry. is there a way to do this?



Thanks for the feedback and request, Hazem. This is not currently possible. A not-so-smooth workaround would be to paste the link as a note (pencil icon below the reference) to have it quickly accessible.

I’m switching this topic to ‘feature request’ so other users can add their +1 and the team can consider potential solutions for it in future reviews. Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hello Vicente,
Thanks for your reply, I currently do exactly this. Although I have to select the link and right click to open it.
Looking forward for more great features. :smiley: