Public developer API

Would it be possible to get an developer API?
So that if you’re a software developer you could integrate this service into products or open source software you’re creating?


This would be great, fetching the newest bibtex file when I am building my latex document and other similar things.

We are currently not working on a public API.

At the moment, we are building our mobile apps which naturally rely on an API. Once this is stable, we will think about opening this up step by step to allow third-party integrations.


Just to bump this thread: This would be pretty boss. I would love to be able to grab different sets of tagged references and export them as bib files to git repositories where I house my LaTeX workflow.

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I scan through papers etc on my phone (alerts/twitter etc…), having an ability to pass on the link to paperpile for ‘readitlater’, would be really helpful. I would love to head if there are some existing work arounds.

This will be a feature of our mobile apps. It will not be part of the first beta versions released this fall but it will definitely come.

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Definitely, some kind of integration with LaTeX workflows would be helpful.

Currently, I use tags to flag all the papers cited in a LaTeX project, then update the .bib file by selecting the tag, then select-all, then use the BibTeX button to copy/paste the entire thing into the .bib replacing existing contents.

A more “natural” integration with LaTeX seems difficult, even if we only consider “online” editors, since there are so many different ones out there.

Totally agree with the others above, a public API would be awesome for more automated workflows when writing documents outside of Google Docs.

To bump this — I think a PaperPile public API would be a huge benefit. Imagine this use case: I could drag and drop a new article in a folder, and then from the command line, run a script that downloads the new bibtex file from PaperPile to the same file where my LaTeX file lives, so I can immediately start citing the newly included paper.


I believe, even naive public api, can be useful for some of these features. If you open it up on github, users can contribute to specific use-cases and build upon it. A simple API which would let users download the latest bibtex file, can initially attempt to aid in:

I can use this exported file, in latex or import to endnote for writing in word (for colleagues).

Hello, has there been any updates on making a public api?

We made some progress building an internal API for our mobile apps and Word plugin. That allows us to implement those features mentioned here in this thread more easily.

It seems there is a big overlap in LaTeX users and users who would use an API. I think we will be able to cover most of the common use cases (“download a BibTeX file whenever something changes”) without a full-fledged public API.


I was hoping to use a public API to synchronize papers between Paperpile and my reMarkable tablet.

If you can find a way to sync with Google Drive it’s also synced with Paperpile. Maybe that’s an option?

Something like the Zotero plugins for Atom/VSCode and Jupyter Notebooks would be awesome.

A useful feature I’m looking for is getting a search box within the editor/Jupyter notebook, typing in author year title words and getting the citekey back.


I believe a public API would dramatically increase the number of Paperpile users as they learn about it from desktop and cloud based document writing apps which will have integrated Paperpile. I’m sure apps like Overleaf and Manuscript would quickly make use of the API and many authors would realise how good Paperpile is and migrate over.


or better yet JSON, but yes, this would be great. TIA


Are there some news? I think an API would be really useful


Seconded. Even just a way to get my latest BibTeX export would be extremely useful.

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API would allow IFTTT and Zapier integration amongst others.