Public folders for reading lists

  1. it doesn’t look like tags show up in the shared folder view - is this a bug or missing feature? Would be great to filter by tags. Reading list type of shared folders can grow very big very quickly.

Labels are not included by design. It’s kind of a complicated topic and there is another current thread about how to deal with labels in shared folders: Tags in shared folders The fact that I have not answered yet it is that we are not exactly sure what’s the best way to deal with it.

  1. is it possible for the recipient to add individual papers from the shared folder to their library? I can’t really test it with one account

Yes. Please have a look at our help pages. There is a screenshot how that looks under “Copy shared papers to your personal library”: Paperpile Help Center | Paperpile Help Center

  1. suggestion - would it make sense to provide a more condensed view of the list?

Probably. We’ve chosen a simple design and basic features set for these shared pages. That seems to work ok and at the moment we don’t have immediate plans to change them. There have been other discussions how to improve e.g. with more sorting options: More sorting criteria for shared folder websites - #3 by kashmiri.

I respect this decision of yours, but to me it makes a lot of sense to learn from the existing capabilities of similar tools. You may not consider this in your decision process, but your users will always be “shopping” for features.

There was no deeper meaning in my comment about Mendeley. We are happy about any ideas we get no matter where they come from. It’s just really hard by itself to judge whether a feature makes sense for our customers or not. In this decision process it’s not really relevant if a feature makes sense for another product with other users with potentially quite different needs.