Reference links

While some papers have links in the citation within the pdf for you to be able to jump to the reference section, most papers (esp legacy formats) do not. Additionally, we can add in a comment with the links to the paper internal or external to the paperpile library, it is a lot of manual labor.

I think some of these features have been requested in different forms so I might be reiterating them here. But here is the gist of what I would like ideally speaking:

  1. Each individual citation within each paper should automatically link to the references as an anchor within the paper with an additional option for the paper to be imported to the library or if it already is then show an indicator for it and allow to open the paper in a new tab.

  2. Since it might not always be possible for paperpile to automatically parse the links or pdf might not be available, all users to add links either via the references list or directly in the citation with in texts.

  3. On hover over the citation, it should display link to the paper, if in the library or not, and your notes if in the library, so you can refer to the paper notes without ever leaving the primary paper you are reading.

I understand these are difficult problems to accomplish but would be amazing support for reading and navigating the papers.

At the minimum, if there were a way to convert the in-text citation into a linked text (or overlay) linking it to the paper internal or external to the library, that would be great.

Thanks for the great product and service, keep up the great work!