Refs in IPython notebook

Hi, all

I found this extension for IPython notebooks to insert references from zotero in IPython notebooks.

IPython notebooks is a format gaining popularity in the scientific community. Could this be modified to work with paperpile? I am not familiar with the inner workings of either zotero or paperpile or if they have an exposed API.


No, at the moment there is no API for Paperpile so integration like those are not easily possible. An API is fun and something we hope to add in the future. But at the moment we’re at a stage where we need to focus on the core product.

Any update on Paperpile integration with Jupyter notebooks?

@SergeiWallace no updates on this front, but you can check out our roadmap to see what’s coming this year (marked as Started) and what we’ll be working on next (Planned).

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