Related articles

It would be nice feature to list a number of related and/or recent articles based on the metadata in the article of selection in Paperpile. The list may be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen which is largely empty! Currently, I have to search in google scholar for any updates on a particular topic.:disappointed_relieved:

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Sunil, you’ve come up with a nice idea mate. I’m also thinking in similar fashion. Related articles inclusion will be helpful indeed.

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We currently don’t have any plans going in this direction. I suggest using Google Scholar or PubMed. Both have related article features. Google Scholar also has an alert function.

Paperpile is well integrated with both databases so it should be very easy to import new articles you discover that way.

Have you seen You can import the articles you have in Paperpile through a bib file. Once you have a large enough set of articles, it will find related articles by searching the National Library of Medicine databases. I haven’t used it that much but it looks like it might help you.

Zotero has a Related Article function. Is simple but a great feature!