Replicate folder structure in shared folders

One of my common workflows is to add folders in my personal libraries, add papers to them that I just got from Pubmed etc… then repeat the steps so that they are in my team’s shared library. This commonly involves re-creating the folder structure in our shared folder.

It would be a nice QOL improvement if I could choose the newly created folder in my personal library and have an option that automatically creates that structure in a shared library folder.

YES – I strongly endorse and reiterate this feature request! It would save my team a ton of time. This would be a great option. Thank you

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Thanks for the request @heumed and @Erik_Sontheimer. On some other threads I’ve mentioned a big upcoming revamp of our whole sharing system which will likely touch upon this as well; the plan for it is solid but there is yet no timeline for implementation.

This specific request has already come up a couple times before, so as usual I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker to bump up its priority.

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