[Resolved] Create multiple labels at once

Dear all,

Is it possible to support multiple labels creation at once, e.g. by separating them with commas?

Example screenshot:

It should be very fast to use the following key sequence L, "label text", Enter, ...

The efficiency gain for entering multiple labels at once over these shortcuts should be only minor. Also it’s possible to have labels with commas, so It’s unclear how to add those.

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will make myself familiar with shortcuts (as of now haven’t been using them).

You’re absolutely right. Labels with commas are not supported with my approach.

But I am wondering, are labels with commas widely used?

Hi Stefan,

Just to report back after having used the shortcuts for some time:

Great feature and easy, quick to use.

Creating multiple labels at once from the menu is indeed not necessary.



Great, the only problem with shortcuts is that many don’t know they exist.

So for everyone reading this in the future: hit “?” to get a list of all awesome Paperpile shortcuts!

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