Show paper title / author in metapdf title bar

this is probably not the most urgent feature request:

I am often working with tons of open tabs in chrome and on my laptop screen this means the paperpile tabs get too small to see the title information even at high resolutions (like so):

If the otherwise empty space of the metapdf titlebar (which is always visible at the top of the page):

could show the author, year, paper title or something identifiable, I could occasionally save valuable seconds scrolling to the top of the paper or hovering over the tab and feel more productive in the process.

I like this. I remember we discussed that for our intial viewer when we started back in 2014 and this usability issue was topic there. It got lost in the process though.

We are in the process of finishing up the PDF viewer UI for a non-beta release. I will discuss with @andreas and @nikola who are working on that.