Sorting + Clustering

  1. How can I sort papers year wise?

  2. Sometimes even if a paper is stored in paperpile, when the same paper is downloaded from a slightly different source, you get another copy. Is there a way to cluster similar papers together (could be based on title, authors, years, abstract, or combination). Having multiple copies of the same paper is stupid.

Both features should appear in the right-hand column. You may have to massage the data a little to get the duplicates filter to appear - title overlap alone doesn’t do it, but a DOI overlap probably does. Merging should be self-explanatory when you click the duplicates filter.


Thanks for the queries, @tardis, and welcome to our forum! Please follow @kernfel’s accurate advice and don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any further questions - be it here or via chat/email.

Great, thanks. I should have noticed myself. Thanks again!

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