Strategy re

I wondered if you might revisit your plans re integration with (mentioned in a response to a [feature request][1] back in July) given the strength of their [recent announcement][2]?

I like the way that metaPDF is shaping up but I fear there will be a duplication of mark-up options and has certainly got considerable traction now.

[1]: Automagically check for corrections, corrigendums, and retractions
[2]: “recent announcement”

No we currently don’t have plans to integrate with

We only can focus on what our customers want and even though there might be some overlap it will never be 100% the same what a coalition with the goal to “annotate all knowledge” wants.

For a small company like us it would be a huge risk to base a core feature of our product on somebody else’s technology. In the case of we can’t do that. A press announcement is not traction.

MetaPDF uses a well established open ISO standard to save its data and it can be exported as JSON. That seems to be a safe strategy for us and our customers.