Suggest citations from selection

In addition to entering a citation manually in Google Docs, how about allowing the user to select text and suggest a citation from that selection? For instance, if I have (Davis 2000: 65) in my paper and I select that text, perhaps Paperpile do a search using this selected text? This could also be a solution for Paperpile’s lack of offline support - especially if Paperpile could scan and detect such citations within the article… but even lacking such a scanning feature, I still think a “suggest from selection” could be implemented.

I like that. Actually I like it a lot. In our current implementation of the plugin it’s technically not possible though. We are working on a technically different plugin that uses Google’s new APIs. That makes it possible to implement such things. We actually have experimented with things like that already. It’s kind of exciting because you basically could make citations automatically appear from free text which would be the minimal possible impact on your writing flow.

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