Support for mobile devices

Many thanks, Stefan! appreciate your reply to clarify on the android app and the hard work that has gone into it. I really like the simple PP interface on the desktop. Personally, however, it feels more “paper-like” to read on a tablet or 2-in-1… Anyway, looking forward to the android app soon!

Big thumbs up for the Android version, with the upcoming Chromebooks (that will have the full Android Play Store), it would mean that it would work on Chromebooks as well! :grinning:

I know you don’t do roadmaps, but any idea on how long the Android version will stay read-only? (mainly interested in the annotation feature)

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I did not mention there is one exception to “read-only” and that’s annotating PDFs. That will be part of the very first beta.


any news on this?

We are getting close. Stay tuned.


We are really looking forward to the android version. Could you give us a rough time estimation? This November?

We will start private beta sign ups this week and hope to be able to share an early version with some beta users this month. So it’s really close…

I would love to be in the beta program! Any help I can give is yours

As the user who submitted the original suggestion for this (obviously mandatory, as it seemed to me from the beginning!) feature 2+ years ago, I definitely hope I will be invited to the beta testing! :wink:

We are very close now and we’ve started taking sign-ups for the private betas. Please check out this blog post with details how to sign up:


One more month has passed.
In June I subscribed to Paperpile with expectation that “soon” (your wording) a mobile app would be available. Now it is November and nothing there besides a Private Beta (which I subscribed to, but never heard again something…).
Please give me/us a reliable timeframe for a usable mobile app.

As discussed over and over in this forum, It’s impossible to give exact timelines or guarantees for future features or products.

I’m really sorry about that but that’s just the nature of the software business.

I still try to give some estimates where we stand on things from time to time but please understand that I can’t even do that in the future if it leads to wrong expectations.

We are always very clear in our communication on this issue but I want to stress again: Paperpile offers a lot but you should only subscribe to our service if you find Paperpile useful as is. That’s why we have the 30 day free trial.

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I completely support Stefan’s response - if you decide to pay for Paperpile, you should do this for the features it already has, not for the features it might have in the future.

As a workaround, you could consider using Paperpile in combination with Mendeley. For me, the main value of Paperpile is integration with Google Docs. But Mendeley is free and more powerful in other areas: it has full text search, and it has mobile apps. If you synchronize your Paperpile Google folder that has PDFs on your computer, and then make Mendeley watch that folder, you can automatically update Mendeley library with the PDFs imported by Paperpile.

One wrinkle in this setup is that annotations are not interoperable between Paperpile and Mendeley, so you would need to choose one that you will use for annotations.

I do hope one day I will be able to use just one reference manager for all of my needs!

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Any news? I signed up for the private beta, but never heard anything. What is the current state?

Please follow the thread here for the Android beta which is already running:

@stefan : what’s a guy got to do to get into the ios beta? Submitted the request from 2 times now :’(

Please contact us via the in app messenger and we will send you an invite.

Hi Stefan, is it possible to get a beta invite? It would be so useful to not have to manage Readcube and Paperpile so that I can read my papers from my tablet. I’ve signed up on the blog a couple months ago - and went through the forms again this evening. So far of all the managers I’ve tried out in the past few months PP is the easiest and most responsive by a long margin, but reading papers on my laptop more cumbersome than I’d ideally like. Thank you all for a great product!

I would like to revisit this topic. I have been doing some writing on an android tablet, trying to replace my PC. The Paperpile mobile app is excellent for reading, but I miss the possibility of citations in Google docs. I found that if I use the desktop version of Google docs, I can add Paperpile as a plugin to docs. This doesn’t seem to work in the Google docs app, although there is plug-in functionality. Any plans to add this to Google docs mobile app?

Thanks for bringing this up, Seb. It’s important to note that add-ons and Apps Script are currently only available for Android on the mobile Docs app, so it’s not something very feasible for us to focus efforts on. I can’t say there are any plans for this at the moment.

Regardless, the request has come up before so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to consider it.