Support for PDF annotations

the zoom level is 100%. The problem is still there.

We’ve identified the issue. It has to do with some zoom level metric on high resolution retina displays. We hope to fix this soon. Thanks so much for reporting!

Please add me too! Would love to try this feature


I have added you.

Thanks but how do I access the feature?

Sorry, we were not clear here. The thread has become very long and the details are hidden somewhere in the middle.

Just go to the private thread here and you see instructions:

@stefan Hello! Can I please get access to the beta?

Sure, I’ve added you to the beta testers group and you should see the private thread in your list. Please provide feedback, we’re still in beta and very much dependant on the feedback we get from the beta users. Thanks!

@stefan @andreas Hi! A new user here. Can I please get access to the pdf annotation beta? Thanks!

I too would like to join the beta :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add me to the beta? Thanks Chris.

@Emillynge, @ChrisY, @yi_pan: I’ve added you.

Just started using paperpile very recently and loving it so far. However, I am missing the pdf annotation badly (coming from papers3) so I would very much like to be added to this beta if possible please. Thank you!

@Janine_Bijsterbosch: I’ve added you to the beta group. Please follow the instructions here: PDF annotations private beta 1

likewise, interested in joining the beta.

I would like to test the annotation function as well.

One more person who wants to beta test PDF annotations, if possible, Thanks!

Is this the same as the MetaPDF beta? I’d like to get in on this one as well.

Hi Stefan - please add me as well!

@Boris, @Wen, @OrcsBR, @bwilk7, @Alison_Kozol

I’ve added you all. Please have a look at this post for instructions and please take the time to report back once you had a chance to beta test. Thanks!