Support for PDF annotations

likewise, interested in joining the beta.

I would like to test the annotation function as well.

One more person who wants to beta test PDF annotations, if possible, Thanks!

Is this the same as the MetaPDF beta? I’d like to get in on this one as well.

Hi Stefan - please add me as well!

@Boris, @Wen, @OrcsBR, @bwilk7, @Alison_Kozol

I’ve added you all. Please have a look at this post for instructions and please take the time to report back once you had a chance to beta test. Thanks!

Please add me too!

I would love very much to be added to the beta test. Thanks!

@simj @Victor

I have added you. Looking forward to your comments.

I’m glad you say “done right”, because other editors/ managers feel a little clunky in this respect.

@stefan or @andreas Can you add me to the beta for this, if it is still going on?

@stefan may I please be added to the beta list? i’m excited to try this out!


I have added you.

@andreas Could you add me too, please?


I have added you.

Please add me as well.


I have added you.

Please add me as well to the beta list.

I would be happy to join the beta testing.
Thanks :slight_smile: !

@Asgeir_Bjornsson @Ran_Feldesh

I have added you.