Support for PDF annotations

This looks great!

What is the next best estimate for the beta release?

Early or mid next week. It will be a beta anyway so we will release with some known issues. But as we now are writing PDFs we need to make sure not to mess up existing PDFs. So even for a beta we need to be careful.

Very exciting looking stuff!

Will the annotation feature arrive together with/before/after mobile support?

P.S. has the blog been discontinued completely? It would be nice to get an update on where Paperpile is heading currently. Although active development of course takes priority!

The PDF feature will definitely be the next big enhancement. We will roll out out in stages, first as independent general PDF annotator for Google Drive (also useful for other things). Then we will integrate it to Paperpile.

We keep improving little things all the time ( and have worked quite hard behind the scenes to be able to offer Paperpile site licenses for universities and companies. Also we have some new stuff coming relating to Google Docs integration.

Also the blog is not dead but we have not had too much time for writing lately. That also should change soon.


Ok, here we go. I’ve invited everyone in this thread to a private group in this forum and you should have access to this thread here, with all the details about the beta:

It’s always an exciting moment to share some significant work with new users the very first time. Thanks to @andreas who led the project.

Things will break but I hope with your help we can move fast in making this feature available to all Paperpile users.

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Hi Stefan, could I please have access to the thread?

Sure, I’ve added you to the private beta group.


Can you add me to the group too. I have few quick questions, is the PDF Annotation completely browser based and independent of platform ?? Are the notes (highlights+comments) going to be searchable?

Thanks, Keep up the great work.

@stefan can you please add me to the group as well?

You’re added. As for your questions: yes and yes.

I’ve also added you to the group.

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Hi Stefan same here - would love access to the beta - could you add me please?


I’ve added you, you see the private thread now in your thread list.

Hi Stefan, Paperpile looks great! I’d love to test this feature out too. Could you please add me?

@stefan Can you also add me to the private group? I want to test the feature too.

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@stefan Could you add me as well for beta testing? I am eager to test the feature out.

I’ve added you, you see the private thread now in your thread list.