Support for PDF annotations

@stefan may I please be added to the beta list? i’m excited to try this out!


I have added you.

@andreas Could you add me too, please?


I have added you.

Please add me as well.


I have added you.

Please add me as well to the beta list.

I would be happy to join the beta testing.
Thanks :slight_smile: !

@Asgeir_Bjornsson @Ran_Feldesh

I have added you.

Would very much appreciate joining the beta testing. Thanks

I would be happy to join and test out the annotation feature. Thanks!

Folks, I’m really impressed with XODO as a PDF viewer, annotator and searcher on a chromebook (both app and extension) Much better than anything else I’ve seen. But Iḿ not sure how to enable it from within paperpile?

You can use any editor that edits PDFs in Google Drive.

We don’t have plans to integrate any third party PDF editor with Paperpile though. You have the option to use the default PDF viewer, the PDF viewer of Google Drive and soon our own PDF annotator

Actually we looked at licensing the technology underlying XODO 18 months ago. It takes longer than 30 second just to open a PDF and that’s was just the beginning of various issues. It’s not an option for us.

Hi, I would like to be a beta tester also.

Count me in for the beta testing!

We’ll open up the beta for everyone in the next couple of days. Thanks for your interest (and patience…)

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Hi Stefan, actually I find XODO extremely fast and versatile on my Chromebook, but I couldn’t get it to interface with Paperfile using the ‘default viewer’ in Paperfile settings until I went into chrome://plugins and disabled the first of the two browser plugins:

Cool, thanks for sharing the tip.

Would it be possible to add me as a beta tester too please - unless you’re about to open it for everyone?
J :slight_smile:

Great to see the MetaPDF taking off and as per my back channel chat I’m very keen to see a ‘select-file’ option in the main file upload from Google Drive option. Very much looking forward to seeing the points of integration come together :smile: