Truncation of label names

In the document list, the label names are truncated. I can see the value of this, but they are truncated to be so short that I can’t tell whether certain items belong to one of several labels with the same first word or two. It would be nice to either increase the truncation limit, or have a mouseover behavior that shows the whole label name.

Actually we show up to 55 characters depending on how big your screen is. That is a pretty long label. Have you tried re-sizing the screen which dynamically adjusts the width of the side-panel?

How long are your labels? Do they contain whitespaces? It would be worth considering allowing line breaks for very long labels.

I have the browser maximized. The labels are ~25 characters and do contain whitespaces. Here is what I’m seeing:

Ok. Now I understand. I assumed you were talking about the labels in the list on the left-hand panel. Should be possible to add tooltips for the truncated labels in the main paper list.