Using Google Docs with Paperpile? Beta test our new Add-on!

Sure. I’ve added you to the testers group. Let us know what you think.

Could you add me? It sounds fun.

I’ve added you.

Yes please.

I’ve added you. Since we published this beta we have added new stuff like LaTeX/BibTeX export which you might be interested in. It will be available with the next update.

access, please

I would be interested in the beta-test program. I am a heavy user, and have completely ditched Endnote and papers because of your program!

@Elliott_Grieco and @Russell_Lewis: I’ve added you. You should see the private thread in your list. All feedback is welcome!

Hi @stefan please could you add me to the Google Docs beta test Add-on group?

Thanks, Alex

Nice. Please give me an invite. I would love to test it.

Hi, please add me for beta-testing!

@DBulczak and @Eirik_Kaasa_Eliassen: I’ve added you to the beta-group. You should see the threads about the Google Docs add-on beta and the PDF annotation beta in the main list of the forum.

I’d like to test it Stefan, thanks

I’ve added you.

Hi @stefan, could you add me as well?

I would certainly like to test out the new features, could you please add me in @stefan ?

Please add me in. Thanks. @stefan

@Scott @Bruno @Mingzhang_Yang I’ve added you to the beta-group.

We’ve updated the new Google Docs add-on. Please have another look. We are planning one more update which will add support for books. But the interface is now (hopefully) final and much more usable.

Again, because it caused some confusion. The add-on will not replace the existing Google docs integration. It offers a few more features (like export to EndNote or LaTeX, automatic removal of citation links, a persistent list of search results that does not disappear ofter each search, “unformat” to revert the citations to its blue placeholder state).

But the main purpose is to offer non-Paperpile users a free and easy way to collaborate on a Google Doc without a Paperpile account. Before we release it to the public in the Google Docs add-on store, every type of feedback is welcome!