Using paperpile with Microsoft Word



I’ve written a short summary where we are at with new developments in another thread. This also applies to the Word plugin.

Jozsef and Jason also posted in this thread, both work on the Word plugin.


Sad to say I’m on the brink of abandoning Paperpile for a cross-platform service because I have to use Word in my job :unamused:


Would love an update on the Word integration. The few times I’ve moved from Google docs to Word it hasn’t been as easy or as smooth as the experience of a poster above me in the thread. I love Paperpile - it is so much more intuitive and pretty to look at then all the others, but as much as I would love to live in a Google Docs world, I don’t. I do need this and would love to hear it’s on its way.


@KCF Please stay tuned, we should have something to announce here on the forum for the fall writing season :slight_smile:


Thank you Stefan. :slightly_smiling_face:I know you all are working hard on this. I look forward to seeing what you have for us. Please keep us updated - I know you all think it isn’t important, but regular status updates are super-helpful for those of us struggling with the current situation.


Hi Stefan et al,

I appreciate you and your team’s openness about paperpile’s development. Just to let you know I am working on a manuscript where my team and I use Mendeley (since it’s paid for by our University and it has a Word plugin, and moving our collaborators and sponsors to Gdocs is not feasible) to add references to our manuscripts.

Mendeley’s user experience is awful. References don’t transfer smoothly as we share the document with each other, their selector window doesn’t show the whole reference (doesn’t even show up if you maximized your word document on a mac) and often times their library doesn’t sync reliably.

I have used paperpile as my main citation manager for a couple of years and I would love to move my entire team to paperpile provided a solid word plugin. I can’t be the only one in this context.

TLDR If you guys release a solid word plugin it would be a game changer and address an unmet market need- please don’t forget about the word plugin.

Keep up the good work



Never looked so excited about Autumn! The leaves are nice too, but do you know what would be cool? Word + Paperpile :heart_eyes: Looking forward to it, bring it on guys!


Any news guys?



We are still valiantly working towards a beta.


Hi guys,

Fantastic news! I can second what others have said before - this is going to be a game changer! In case there is a private beta - I’d be happy to be a tester! (I’ve been testing the iOS and Android versions too)



Thanks, Jason!

I second @HGO. Can you count me in for beta testing?



I second (third @HGO). My research group is still stuck in Mendeley solely because of the Word plug in- would love to beta-test the Paperpile’s.


Would be happy to collaborate with beta testing, I have some experience as I have-done/do this for other software in the past too, I will be helpful :slight_smile:


I am going to be that guy and be a pain in the a**. Please save me from the misery of trying to work with other reference managers in Word. An update on the beta would alleviate this tormented mind. Appreciated. :slight_smile:


I can join you in being a pain :slight_smile: I check back to this page every few days looking for an update!


Quick update from me. I know this takes a very long time. There were some setbacks with the release on Mojave which makes it even harder to interact with Word (which is hard to begin with).

But everything is on track. I spend most of my time on this project now. I agree with all of you here that we need a Word Plugin for Paperpile. And I’m sure once we can share something you can help us making this really awesome.


Thanks, Stefan. I appreciate the update. We share the same perspective, having a Word plugin is essential. Keep on the hard work!

Integration with Word when?

Thanks Stefan, Appreciate the long awaited update. I have been tormented for years, exporting from paperpile to Mendeley and your work will save me from growing even more grey hair.
Keep up the good work, … please
Yours truly


Stefan -
Absolutely willing to beta test. Right now I use Paperpile and cut and paste my citations into Word. It is a workaround, and definitely takes more time than my fantasy Paperpile interface.
Please keep us updated. I am a Paperpile fan.


My university has gone all in on Office365 and related MS services. As such, we (faculty, staff, etc.) are trying to work more with Word online. Do you know yet if Paperpile will work with Word online? If you need someone test that part of things I am happy to help!