Using paperpile with Microsoft Word

I second (third @HGO). My research group is still stuck in Mendeley solely because of the Word plug in- would love to beta-test the Paperpile’s.

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Would be happy to collaborate with beta testing, I have some experience as I have-done/do this for other software in the past too, I will be helpful :slight_smile:

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I am going to be that guy and be a pain in the a**. Please save me from the misery of trying to work with other reference managers in Word. An update on the beta would alleviate this tormented mind. Appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I can join you in being a pain :slight_smile: I check back to this page every few days looking for an update!


Quick update from me. I know this takes a very long time. There were some setbacks with the release on Mojave which makes it even harder to interact with Word (which is hard to begin with).

But everything is on track. I spend most of my time on this project now. I agree with all of you here that we need a Word Plugin for Paperpile. And I’m sure once we can share something you can help us making this really awesome.


Thanks, Stefan. I appreciate the update. We share the same perspective, having a Word plugin is essential. Keep on the hard work!

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Thanks Stefan, Appreciate the long awaited update. I have been tormented for years, exporting from paperpile to Mendeley and your work will save me from growing even more grey hair.
Keep up the good work, … please
Yours truly

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Stefan -
Absolutely willing to beta test. Right now I use Paperpile and cut and paste my citations into Word. It is a workaround, and definitely takes more time than my fantasy Paperpile interface.
Please keep us updated. I am a Paperpile fan.

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My university has gone all in on Office365 and related MS services. As such, we (faculty, staff, etc.) are trying to work more with Word online. Do you know yet if Paperpile will work with Word online? If you need someone test that part of things I am happy to help!



Same story, same here. Paperpile for MS Word online, please?

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Do you know what would be great? Paperpile beta for Word for Christmas :wink:


Hey everyone, quick update. Things looking good and we are getting ready to start the promised beta after the Christmas break early January. It will feature all relevant citation functions you know from Google Docs (except online search for now), complete offline support and real-time sync with your library.

A quick sneak preview (the design is not final so things might look a bit rough…)

Thanks for your patience. My team and I are looking forward to finish this beta with your help and open this to all our customers. I wish you happy holidays :christmas_tree:


… same here :wink:

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Thanks for the update. We all appreciate your hard work. I know I am counting the days til you release this.
Happiest of Holiday Seasons to all of you.

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Thanks, I’m so excited! I have so many projects I’d like to use this for

Thanks, Stefan! Looking forward to trying it out! Happy holidays!

Thank you. Looking forward to anything in that realm.

Happy new year everyone, and integration of paperpile with Word. ahah I am excited about this, if you can’t feel it :slight_smile:

Do we need to sign up for the beta release? Thank you!

Dear Stefan,
I love your work and would be happy stay with just a Google. Unfortunately, my university insists I submit my work in MS Word.
I have used Mendeley since at least 2010 but with its new ownership, I have been compelled to move on. Paperpile suits my workflow well but I need to move on soon and find an alternative unless I can start integrating Google with Word.
Any news and updates from your end on Paperpile for Word?
January 15th would be an awesome start for me.
I hope to hear from you soon!