Website links in references


Hey Stefan, I have no specific references for the impact on search ranking, just assuming that a webpage with proper semantics will generally perform better.

When I copy n paste from Google docs to Wordpress the <b> and <i> tags are retained so I thought <cite> tags might be able to be retained too. Just a thought.


I think I ran into the same problem and I solved it like this:

  1. Select all in Google Doc → copy
  2. Paste into the HTML editor on my blog (CKEditor)
  3. Select all in the editor → remove all formatting
  4. View source in the editor → select all and copy
  5. Paste into Vim
  6. Fix up links using Regex :%s/<a href=“http.\{-}:\/\/\{-}“>\(.\{-}\)<\/a>/\1/g

That’s it!


Mate several people face the issue while copying content from google docs to WordPress that extra element tags were included like: < span > < p > < b >, < i >, and etc. For making it easy you can simply copy the content from google docs to WordPress sample page and save it. Then copy the save version of the article on your page. This will remove all the extra elements tags, css properties and etc. Now you can also google chrome extension to sink all google docs to WordPress and push all the content directly without any hassle.