100MB attachment size limit

Hi team,

Is there any way around 100MB file size limit?

Use case:

  1. Complete books: A high-resolution book of 800-1200 pages (as is used in academic contexts) is easily 100mb+ even when compressed fully to Adobe 10 standards
  2. Videos: Increasingly, digital video is commonplace for conferences and presentations. Publicly accessible links are ephemeral; it would therefore be advantageous to upload the actual video into the reference manager

If it’s not possible, a humble suggestion since Google Drive storage is relatively inexpensive these days, it’s likely that others will increasingly be looking to store a copy of the underlying reference to ensure that a record of it isn’t lost. So it may be a feature worth adding.

Hi - I was told that we can split the documents into smaller files to overcome the limit. I compressed the hell out of a PDF to get it to fit but of course quality is terrible.


@ajn Thank you for your suggestion. There are currently no plans to increase the limit but the team may reconsider that in the future. Some workarounds include compressing the file as @Adrienne_Boudreau suggested, splitting a PDF using an external tool (for example, splitting a book into chapters), or saving the file in Google Drive (making sure not to put it into the Paperpile folder) and putting the Drive URL into the note field of the reference.