4 features for an effective PDF editor


I feel that the PDF editor could benefit from four features:

  1. More (customizable) colours;

  2. Filter by annotation type and colour;

  3. A general note tab in the left-hand column (integrated with the “notes” tab in PPP items ?). As an alternative, sticky notes, that will stay on despite the page, will do the job.

  4. Marking by geometric shapes for non-OCR’d/wrongly OCR’d PDFs (I know this issue is available on standalone MetaPDF, so I guess it’s just a matter of integrating it with PPP’s editor).

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Totally agree with the point of the annotation filtering. Other things you’ve listed could bring some benefits here, but nothing more than that due to they’re quite minor. For me there is nothing wrong with Meta, it’s a good tool for annotation, but it would be nice to get full editing features in the fashion like this one https://ds11.pdffiller.com in order to work with layers that already exist

Thanks for bringing this up!

No. 1. is already implemented but we still have to coordinate custom colors between web and mobile, so it won’t be released with the next big update. It will be added later though.

No. 3. - we are working on integrating “standalone notes” and PDF annotations and markup. We are working on a notes panel that shows both together. First, we will show this in the Paperpile main app and then bring it, or parts of it, to the PDF viewer.

No. 2 (as part of point 3) there will be ways to filter notes by type. We actually discussed adding a filter for colors. That would only make sense if users actively use color codes to organize their notes. We don’t have really data for that yet, but if it’s still a use case once the new PDF annotator is our default viewer released to all, we will consider it.

No. 4 is already implemented and will be part of the new beta version to be released in about 2 weeks.

What do you mean by “standalone MetaPDF”? How can I access it?

Yesterday’s update to the PDF viewer included many fixes and improvements, including the ability to add shapes to highlight figures and other areas which are not text.