A bug when inserting newline in note; Also, a feature request about attaching links to the references

Hi, I want to first report a bug in the Notes section. I was inserting several new lines (enter or shift+enter) to put some webpage links in the Notes. And it appears that once I made the lines, text editing is no longer possible, the cursor will disappear, and my typing starts to invoke shortcuts (such as star the paper). Fixing this bug is required for taking notes on multiple external links, or simply longer notes.

Also, it would be nice if we could have an official way to attach website links to the paper. This is a pretty handy feature for computer science research, we could then attach links for the code, datasets, and tutorials. And even better if we could have this function integrated into the extension to do “Attach website to the currently selected paper”. Thanks!

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Experienced the same on MacOS but seems fine on ChromeOS.

Thank you for the bug report @Jin, and for following up @ligongh. The team wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior. If it is not too much trouble, would you mind sharing a video or a screenshot of how the note appears when inserting new lines? You can share here, via chat, or email support@paperpile.com.

With the new browser extension, it will be possible to add notes as you collect reference metadata, e.g., links to code, datasets etc. So hopefully, you will find that feature useful.