A delete button for add papers (search online)

Dear all,

It happens sometimes that I accidentally add a wrong paper from Add papers -> Search online.

It would be useful to have a button in the following overview window (e.g. under ‘view’) to directly remove a paper again from the library.

What do you think?



It think we should keep this dialog as simple as possible. There are multiple and very quick ways (e.g. press ‘#’) ways to trash papers from the main view.

I’d rather understand why you accidentally import the wrong paper. Perhaps we can improve the dialog to avoid this in the first place.

Hi Stefan,

I guess you are right in that the interface is already sufficient enough. My problem was very specific in that I imported an article for which I had overlooked that there is a newer version with the same name.

I think it does a sufficient job already by sorting articles according to citation relevance. Yet it might be cool to have an option sorting by date, e.g. using ‘sort:date’.