A facts database - multiple "abstract" entries for papers

As someone who translates a lot of science into literature aimed at the general public, I “use” a lot of papers for a fact or two, and don’t spend a whole lot of time discussing methods or finer details of the paper. For example, we might use a paper about biodiversity in the United States to say that the U.S. South has the most number of amphibian species in the U.S.

I keep a facts database (spreadsheet) where I collect these one-sentence tidbits. Sometimes, there are more than one tidbit per paper. It would be lovely if we were able to save these tidbits in the Paperpile database or even insert them from the Paperpile menu / keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs. Because I find myself repeating facts in our various publications alllllll the time. And if I could just Ctrl+Alt+P and search “most amphibians” and insert a sentence with citation… Paperpile would be a total game changer.

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Is this not possible to do with per-item notes? I believe those are searchable.

Not quite, I’d want them to be separate for multiple items per paper; and I’d want to be able to insert those notes, cited, directly into a Google Doc.


Paper 1:
Global warming is real.
Forests take carbon out of the atmosphere.

Paper 2:
Bugs are cool.
Butterflies are really cool.
Bees pollinate flowers so we can eat.

In the Google Doc, hit the keyboard shortcut and search “forests carbon” and then insert,
“Forests take carbon out of the atmosphere.[1]” Directly into the document.
Write a sentence myself connecting forests and bees.
Hit the keyboard shortcut, search for “Bees” and then insert.
“Bees pollinate flowers so we can eat.[2]” Directly into the document.