A label cloud view when clicking on a folder?

Hi all,

So far I love PP.

I was wondering about a label cloud feature, or an automatic filtering of labels when selecting a folder. When clicking on a folder, I would like to see what labels are actually contained in that folder, not the full label list (which is useless imo). The main reasons are 1. sometimes I don’t remember which label will be looking to add to my filtering, 2. it is a wonderful way to explore our folders and see at a glance which labels come up first (like in the tag cloud view in Bookends).


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I know this is tagged as not-planned, but reviving it just in case it sparks some interest.

When I search or click on a label/folder, I often want to have the overview of the labels present in the “Papers found”. Having a label cloud/list would be a quick way to navigate and combine labels by shift-clicking.

A real-world use case where this particular feature would be handy: I label papers with the “organisms” and “genes” that were investigated. When reviewing literature, I frequently want to know which genes have been studied in a particular animal or in which animals a particular gene has been studied.

There is some empty space in the sidebar that would fit this purpose perfectly (mockup below) :wink:


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